Importance of Cold Chains & Holistic Total Cost of Ownership

Importance of Cold Chains & Holistic Total Cost of Ownership

An unbroken and functioning cold chain is critical to ensuring that vaccines remain unspoilt and effective when administered to children. Equipment failure, even for a short time, can render entire batches of vaccines ineffective and result in children dying. This is particularly critical in remote health centres with no power supply, where replacing vaccines can take days or even weeks if the storage equipment fails. 150 million vaccines are lost annually because of this.

B Medical Systems has been innovating, manufacturing and supplying cold chain units globally since the 1970’s. Our market leading Solar Direct Drive comes with a 10 year unconditional warranty and a data logger with fully paid 10 years of communication included.

“At B Medical Systems, we take quality and reliability extremely seriously. Over four decades we have gained a deep understanding of our customers’ need for high performing products. This is why our vaccine Solar Direct Drive (SDD) units, which have an outstanding reliability rate above 99.4%, come with an unconditional 10 year warranty, to demonstrate our confidence in the solutions that we offer ” says Luc Provost, CEO of B Medical Systems.

It is no surprise that many competitor units break down multiple times over their lifetime, and in most cases take months to be operational again. This is a real cost both for the country as well as the community being served by the health centre unit and needs to be factored into a holistic Total Cost of Ownership of the Cold Chain unit.

As is shown below, even if a substantially cheaper competitor cold chain unit breaks down once in a 10 year period, it will be more expensive compared on a total cost basis relative to a B Medical Systems’ product. If a unit breaks down 3 times or more over 10 years, it will cost more than a B Medical Systems’ unit even if the unit is given away for free!

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