€106 Million in Aid for Sudan

Last week Monday the European Commission announced they would be providing Sudan with a €106 million aid package, €46 million in humanitarian assistance and €60 million for development. The support comes after this year’s declaration of famine throughout parts of Sudan. The aid was announced as the EU Commissioner for... Read More

Gavi and CDC Group Expanding their Programmes through Partnership and Investment

Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance, is exploring new partnerships to expand their reach in the developing world. The public-private partnership is currently looking towards tech companies in Silicon Valley to aid in increasing equitable access to immunisations in developing countries and to reach their goal of immunising 300 million people by... Read More

Technology Giving Access to Healthcare in Africa

Access to healthcare in Africa differs greatly from region to region; and from urban centres to rural villages. The distance one lives to an urban centre determines the access they have to medical services, and is frequently a barrier. According to the World Economic Forum, it is estimated that Africa holds... Read More

Public-Private Partnerships in the Development Sector

A Devex report recently looked into five public-private partnerships between government development and aid agencies and private sector companies to address development issues around the world. The report focused on the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Deutsche Gesselschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) in Germany, the United Kingdom Department... Read More

Planet of the Apps at the Global Disaster Relief & Development Summit 2017

As part of the Global Disaster Relief & Development Summit 2017 that took place in Washington, D.C., Planet of the Apps presented some of the latest mobile applications supporting humanitarian programmes and disaster relief operations across the world.  The short list included: FEMA App MEDBOX MAANO Virtual Farmers’ Market ASAL Knowledge Hub... Read More

Interview with Christopher Ivory, VP Land Solutions at Global Eagle

How is Global Eagle involved in the humanitarian aid and development sector?  Global Eagle acquired Emerging Markets Communications (EMC) in 2016. EMC has been an industry leader in providing critical communications for the humanitarian and development sectors for the past 16 years. We provide end to end satellites solutions for office applications... Read More

Facilitating Local Innovation to Community Problems through 3D Printing Technology

Two years ago Colin Keogh and Dr Shane Keaveney began a charitable project with the goal of enabling the access of innovators from the third world to new technologies. According to Keogh the resulting creation, the Rapid Foundation, takes an unconventional approach to aid delivery by diverging from the typical... Read More

Humanitarian leaders to gather at Aid & Development Asia Summit next week

More than 250 high-profile representatives from NGOs, businesses, government and UN organisations are set to convene at the Aid & Development Asia Summit in Nay Pyi Taw next week to exchange innovative and sustainable solutions for improving aid delivery and development strategy in Southeast Asia. Hosted on the 14th and... Read More

[Infographics] Meeting Education SDGs in Myanmar

Public spending on education has risen by 49% in Myanmar since 2012. However, only half of school-age children complete their education. In the Philippines the percentage of children in primary education drops to 33%, according to the Aid and International Development Forum (AIDF) infographic on education and infrastructure resilience in... Read More

The Impact of Big Data on Development and Disaster Resilience

May 17th marks World Telecommunication and Information Society Day bringing awareness and recognition to the impact of advanced analysis and evidence-based decision making. This year’s theme “Big Data for Big Impact” highlights the importance of Big Data on development and converting unstructured and weak quality data into actionable information to support... Read More

Promoting Accountability in Foreign Assistance through Biometrics

Biometrics in Assistance Biometrics – the use of physical characteristics to identify individuals – offer a powerful tool for accountability in assistance operations.  Once confined to law enforcement and border control applications, biometrics are now widely used for a variety of use cases to provide a definitive link between people... Read More

Planet of the Apps at the Aid & Development Africa Summit 2017

As part of the Aid & Development Africa Summit 2017 that took place in Nairobi, Kenya, Planet of the Apps presented the latest mobile applications that support Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to over 300 senior representatives and advisors from government and UN agencies, international and regional NGOs, CBOs, investors and donors, research institutes... Read More

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