Highlights of AIDF Asia: Aid & Response Summit 2015

The AIDF Asia: Aid & Response Summit 2015 took place just over 50 days after the Nepal earthquakes that claimed nearly 9,000 lives, the conference heard numerous voices from around the region discussing and sharing their expertise on most effective aid delivery, innovation and disaster resilience across the region.

The three-day summit and exhibition attracted close to 300 leaders and executives from the Asia-Pacific region representing governments, UN agencies, regional and international NGOs, military, research institutions and the private sector. The Summit featured 14 exhibiting companies showcasing cutting-edge products and services by theBullitt Group, HESCO, Inmarsat, SES Techcom Services, ST Kinetics, SkyLIFE Company, Motorola Solutions, NRS International, Eutelsat, Blackmores, The Aussie Mozzie Tube, ContenO, Ukrainian Helicopters and SilvaTex. Each of the companies was presenting unique and innovative solutions which can speed up and improve aid delivery, protect aid workers or help saving lives of disaster victims.

The landscape of humanitarian action has changed significantly, lately, and not for the best. In the last 10 years, the number of people affected by humanitarian crisis has almost doubled, and the cost of humanitarian assistance has more than tripled. The average period of displacement has significantly increased as well, to as much as 17 years, according to the UNHCR. Humanitarian agencies and governments are struggling to build resilient communities to a growing number of natural and manmade disasters while meeting the sustainable development goals in the region. The humanitarian ecosystem needs to adapt and collaboration between public agencies, private companies and the communities was the key topic discussed during the summit.

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We are pleased to announce that registration has opened for the AIDF Asia Summit 2016 taking place on 21-22 June at the UNCC Bangkok.If you would like to take part in the upcoming event, please register on the website http://asia.aidforum.org 

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