60 second interview with Luc Provost, CEO, B Medical Systems

60 second interview with Luc Provost, CEO, B Medical Systems

Tell us about your company and products/services?

What is your company’s involvement in humanitarian aid and development strategy at present?

B Medical Systems is the leading global manufacturer and distributor for large‐scale vaccination programs in emerging markets and Medical refrigeration equipment. Vaccinations have a significant social benefit (impact on children’s lives, lower disabilities, and healthcare costs, etc.)

How your products/services help aid delivery and development strategy?

Through our SDDs (Solar-direct-drive) & RFID solutions,  pollution (kerosene/gas-powered refrigerators) has been curbed; likewise lives have been saved in monitoring in real-time stock of blood products nationwide.  Increasing thereby life expectancy.      

What is your company’s involvement in the region?

How are you represented in Sub-Saharan Africa?

B Medical Systems has a network of agents/distributors across Sub-Sahara Africa. They share information with us regarding our customers’ concerns and needs.    

How would you like to be involved in the region?

We wish we were directly & indirectly (via our agents) consulted by local United Nations Agencies when requested by local Health Ministries to provide them with Cost Estimates regarding our products.   

What are your priorities in the region?

  • Assist National Blood Transfusion Services in their quest for certification and accreditation.
  • Capacity building in quality management through training programs for users and technicians
  • Be a long-term partner for our customers (UN Agencies, Health & Livestocks Ministries, Research Labs, etc)

What is the latest product/service you offer/looking to offer in Sub-Saharan Africa?

  • Health Center Kits (for lighting in rural health facilities)
  • Large ILRs powered by SDD and/or AC
  • Small SDDs and Acs vaccines refrigerators & freezers
  • RFID solution for all NBTS

What do you think are key trends and future developments in the sector?

What are the key actions you think need to be implemented in Sub-Saharan Africa?

Sensitize decision-makers in Health Institution to put emphasis on Cost of Ownership. As cheap-pricing orientation can be misleading.     

What trends do you see for humanitarian aid and how does your company prepare for the future?

Humanitarian aid has always been targeted and punctual. As linked mostly to cas de force majeur. Our company is ready in any circumstances to provide equipment needed in future for humanitarian aid.

Why do you think it’s important for your company to build partnerships and improve relationships within and across sectors?

Partnership means exchange of information, knowledge and expertise between stakeholders. B Medical Systems business has long depended on and is partnership-focused.  2016 will be a year in which a series of new products will be launched on the market, specially developed for the cold Chain of vaccines.

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