[infographic] Refugees in Sub-Saharan East Africa

[infographic] Refugees in Sub-Saharan East Africa Read more

Recent AIDF infographic provides a snapshot on the pressuring refugee crisis in Sub-Saharan Africa. At present there are almost 3 million refugees fleeing conflicts in countries such as South Sudan, Somalia and the Central African Republic due to drought, flood, famine and conflicts. Yet only 15,000 of them were resettled. This highlights the need for organisations to introduce effective approaches to camp management and innovations to improve livelihoods of displaced people.

Country study focused on Ethiopia has illustrated that 23.5% of Ethiopians are below the poverty line. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) budget has more than doubled in last five years from $100 million (2010) to $206 million in 2015 as the organisation continues to provide protection and assistance to more than 720,000 people in Ethiopia together with its main partner Administration for Refugee and Returnee Affairs (ARRA).

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NB: The Aid & International Development Forum has released an infographic that explores humanitarian aid and development in Sub-Saharan East Africa. The data has been broken down into four main areas of focus: food security, refugees, WASH and mobile for development. Each week one of the areas is revealed and published on our website. The infographic is a timely release for the upcoming Aid & Development Africa Summit (2-3 February 2016, United Nations Conference Centre, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia). During the two-day summit, international and regional experts will gather to discuss the latest technological innovations, initiatives and best practices providing an opportunity for knowledge exchange and networking amongst public, private and civil society stakeholders. For more information, please visit Africa.aidforum.org 

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