• Location: Munich, Germany
  • Date: 22 Feb 2017 16:50 - 23 Feb 2017 16:50
Sustainable Innovation in Sport 2017

Whether you are a trailblazer for the role of environmental sustainability in sport, or just starting your journey; this high-level meeting will bring together stakeholders in the global sports sphere, to discuss the unique opportunity that the realm of sports offers the climate change effort all over the world. 

“Green sports can change cultural attitudes toward the planet.” - Allen Hershkowitz, Green Sports Alliance at Sustainable Innovation in Sport 2015

This two day meeting will deep dive into the economic, political and societalopportunities that enhancing sustainability in sports can offer to stakeholders in the industry, will amplify and bring awareness to current initiatives that are changing the face of the international sports and sustainability space, as well as focus on new policy and technologies that can be significant game changers.

SIIS16 will not only highlight genuine solutions to major challenges facing the world through the world of sport, but also recommend a roadmap towards scaling up the role of environmental sustainability through and within sports via strategic partners in the business sector. This roadmap will also inform Climate Action’s future programme of work, particularly in view of the partnerships that will develop between key stakeholders in attendance from government, governing bodies, clubs, federations and the private sector as a result of the ideas and experiences shared. This roadmap will also contribute to a possible global resolution to set a minimum environmental sustainability standard for tournaments and leagues.

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