TerraMar Networks Limited

TerraMar Networks Limited
TerraMar Networks specialises in providing GPS tracking and fleet management services. We work with a growing number of agencies in the International Aid & Development Sector, supporting logistics operations in a range of countries across the world. We provide hardware and software solutions, on terrestrial and satellite networks, designed to help improve the security and efficiency of vehicles and personnel, as well as streamlining information flows from the field to regional and global headquarters. Our services have been shown to facilitate dramatic improvements in operational metrics, including fuel savings of 10 to 15% and reductions in high-risk driving behaviour, such as speeding and long hours at the wheel.

    TerraMar Networks is a leading global provider of GPS vehicle and fleet tracking and GPS asset management solutions. Our expertise spans a variety of industry sectors, including logistics and haulage, commercial maritime and offshore oil and gas.

    NGOs often operate a range of vehicle types, such as light trucks, 4×4 vehicles and motorcycles, across a variety of disparate locations around the world.  Optimising fleet operations in this environment is a challenge – particularly given that dedicated logistics staff may be in short supply.

    We offer intelligent solutions for humanitarian agencies, helping central, regional and field organisations to co-ordinate more effectively and run a more efficient, less costly, greener fleet.

    We can provide satellite and dual mode (cellular & satellite) devices, together with a range of applications, designed to help manage vehicles and personnel, wherever they are.

    Products and Services

    tracpoint is our comprehensive, web-based tracking application. It's been designed to work with a variety of hardware and communications networks, so that it supports a wide range of applications on land, at sea and in teh air. 

    Features include:

    High quality real time mapping

    Historic mapping and route replay

    A wide range of performance reports

    Geofencing and landmarks

    Alerts and alarms, delivering by email and SMS

    Great sustomer service, including training and after-sales support

  • Hardware


    ​tracpoint supports a wide range of hardware, including the examples listed here. Others can be added on request.

    • trac 6120 - General purpose tracking device (GSM)
    • trac 6720 - Robust, weatherproof device (GSM)
    • trac 2110 - Satellite device - (land Inmarsat)
    • trac 2120 - Satellite device - marine (Inmarsat)
    • trac 2210 - Hybrid device (Inmarsat/GSM)
    • trac 4110 - Satellite devioce (Iridium)
    • trac 3110 - Satellite device (Globalstar)
    • trac 7020 - Personal tracking device (GSM)
  • Networks


    ​tracpoint supports a wide range of hardware, including the examples listed here. Others can be added on request.

    GSM cellular

    GSM networks provide reliable and affordable data transfer. We can provide a Global M2M SIM card which will roam onto nearly any GSM network worldwide.

    Geostationary Satellite (Inmarsat C / Isat M2M / Isat DataPro)

    For remote areas such as the oceans, deserts and sparsely populated of the globe, Inmarsat data networks provide a suitable tradeoff between coverage and cost.

    Low Earth Orbit Satellite (Globalstar / Iridium)

    LEO satellite networks are compatible with hardware which is smaller, lighter and requires less power than Inmarsat. For a number of mobile applications in remote areas, they prove to be the best choice.

    AIS (Terrestrial)

    Shore-based terrestrial AIS networks can provide a valuable overview of movements around coastal areas and in ports.

    AIS (Satellite)

    Satellite AIS offers global coverage of maritime traffic.

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