Portsmouth Aviation Ltd

Portsmouth Aviation Ltd
Complete Water Purification Solutions for Drinking Water

This ultrafiltration membrane system uses a unique disinfectant called Electrolysed SOLution (ESOL), able to treat water by destroying bacteria, viruses and pathogens.

The ESOL solution is a biocide and a cleaner, meaning less maintenance and a continuous supply of safe, clean, potable water. Its sterilising effect ensures that the system’s membrane filters and equipment remain clean and free from organic fouling without the use of hazardous acids.
Using the ESOL solution means the backwash process to clean the membranes can be discharged safely back to the source with no environmental damage.

The result is an environmentally acceptable stand-alone water treatment system.

To further complement the process we offer a Capacitive Recovery System (CRS ) treating water by removing salts ions, ammonium, iron, manganese, zinc and other metal and impurities, leaving the water pure and ready for use. Ideal for environments subjected to heavy fertilisation which could lead to high ammonia and results in nitrates leaching into the water table.

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