Danimex Communications

Danimex Communications
Danimex Communication is an awarded distributor and supplier of communication hardware and solutions worldwide. Our track record goes back several decades

    We do business with humanitarian organizations, NGO’s, defence, security and government organizations as well as modern industry. We base relations on sound advice, quality products, full service and lasting relationships.

    How are we different?
    Besides experience and technical expertise, our defining resource is our mix of technical, cultural and ethical competencies. We know the world and our way around, with respect of local customs, legislation and values. Quite often, these are the measures by which we rise above the competition. Needless to say, we deliver on time, as agreed and with full after sales support. That is fundamental and how we build trust, over time.

    What are we to you?

    We are your flexible, able and willing partner - determined to be your preferred supplier of communication equipment and solutions, no matter what communication challenges you may have.

    What we do - and how
    In Africa and the Middle East, we distribute products, services, solutions and know-how through our network of authorized, local dealers and service partners. Typically, we establish or upgrade communication networks with a number of base stations, mobile units and handsets all connected via repeater stations. Having local offices in strategic markets and local partners adds local insight and fast response to our services. Where we have no dealer networks, we service our customers directly and on-site. Whenever special expertise and greater resources are needed, we partner with our local resellers in a joint effort to service clients. 

    Geographical coverage
    We cover the world, basically. Actual coverage depends on the nature of the solutions to be developed. Our customer service will be happy to hear your needs and request and will offer initial advice free of charge.

    Our products include:

    • 2 way radio solutions
    • DMR
    • TETRA
    • Humanitarian IT Service
    • Site survey
    • System solutions with in-depth TETRA, DMR Digital, HF, Analog, Select5 and MPT1327 expertise
    • Support ticketing system
    • Education and training
    • Total project management

    Danimex has been holding frame agreements for communication equipment and related services with all major humanitarian organisations for the last 15 years.

  • Danpoint HF

    Danpoint HF

    Raising the standards of software defined HF radios Meet the Danpoint 2000 series - our latest addition to our high-end premium brand HF radio. Danpoint differs from the competition by being Danish Design and Made in Denmark.This implies top quality, nice looks, pleasant touch and high usability and user friendliness as well as great attention to detail and advanced engineering. We believe in Danpoint. Thus we back it by a 3 year warranty period, extendable to 5 years.

  • Motorola Solutions

    Motorola Solutions

    Motorola’s popular professional radio series is an excellent and reliable way of keeping the team in contact.Streamlining operations with radio communication increases productivity and can form part of an organisation’s health and safety system, which is particularly important for individuals who work alone, or remote from the team.

    Analog: Analog 2-way radios are still in demand, due to their rugged qualities and great functionality.

    Digital: The current trend shows a switch towards the more modern digital technology (DMR), as found in the market leading MOTOTRBO line of radios from Motorola. This switch can be made almost seamlessly, as MOTOTRBO products in general are backwards compatible with analog equipment.

    TETRA: The ultimaste technology withing digital communication is found in Motorola’s TETRA products. Motorola meets or exceeds the TETRA standards in the full range of mission critical communication equipment.

  • Vertex Standard

    Since 1956, Vertex Standard has been a world leading provider of professional, affordable two-way radio solutions that enhance business productivity and public safety across a broad spectrum of industries.

    Connect without Compromise

    Their goal is to overcome challenges and balance doing more with less. With their radios they maximise their potential and provides high performance at lower cost. The radios are precision engineered, compact and has expanded features and longlasting performance and durability.

  • Danimex Solar Power Kits

    Danimex Solar Power Kits

    Backup Power for Radio Communication

    This Solar Power Kit from Danimex offers you the best way to power up a repeater station. It produces 140W and is sold as a kit easy to assemble and install in minutes. The kits include all the tools you need. The Solar Power Kit from Danimex is the obvious choice in field settings where electrical power is non-existing or unstable. It will deliver reliable power for years to come.

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