Waterclean 3000 water supply system from Kärcher Futuretech in use in Senegal, March 2015

Waterclean 3000 water supply system from  Kärcher Futuretech in use in Senegal, March 2015

As part of its developmental aid programme, a group of consultants from the German Armed Forces has assisted the Republic of Senegal with the creation of systems to supply drinking water. The choice fell in favour of the Waterclean 3000 water supply system from Kärcher Futuretech. Up to 3,000 litres of hygienic and taste-free drinking water can be produced an hour with a minimum of effort and cost.

The overall logistical concept for the provision and treatment of water in the country was developed in close cooperation with the Senegal consultants and Kärcher Futuretech and implemented on the basis of tried-and-tested and operational proven systems. The particular feature of this system is its combination of water treatment and pumping of drinking water with subsequent interim storage in hygienic conditions. The system is fitted onto a trailer, offering extreme mobility and flexibility in the field.

Drinking water of the highest quality
The WATERCLEAN 3000 water treatment system, which works on the principle of reverse osmosis (RO), allows drinking water to be obtained from virtually all natural sources of water. The Kärcher system technology offers easy operation with a high degree of process technology safety. The quality of the drinking water treatment process has been checked and verified by independent institutions (including the TÜV and Fraunhofer Institute).

Fully automatic pumping

The integral Water Packaging System 1600 (WPS 1600) is used to fill drinking water into foil pouches for distribution. The production capacity is 1,600 pouches per hour. The size of the pouch can be changed
from: 0.25 l, 0.5 l or 1.0 l.

The mobile and stand-alone system is designed for fully automatic long-term operation. Only one person is needed for supervision,  changing the foil reels for pouch production occasionally when necessary. All of the system components and methods are designed to comply with the hygienic standard of the pumped drinking water in field conditions.

Permanent supply

The group of Senegal consultants will hand over the water supply system to the Senegalese government once thorough training has been completed. It will also be used to safeguard supplies of drinking water in remote parts of the country in the future. 

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