Water & Energy: Combine them both…and it will push growth!

Water & Energy: Combine them both…and it will push growth!

The Swiss- based company Trunz Water Systems developed an entrepreneurial-driven business model, a so-called NEXUS Center Concept, that delivers safe drinking water and electricity at affordable prices to low-income rural consumers in developing and emerging countries.

The idea is to install a network of “off-grid” water and energy hubs, named/called NEXUS Centers, with water treatment systems and solar power centers at their core in remote areas. Due to additional revenue generation possibilities beyond safe drinking water, such as refrigeration, charging of electronic devices, space for medical treatment and small businesses, access to internet, hygiene products, etc. The NEXUS Center will become a true “one-stop” retail and infrastructure facility that aggregates community members, helps to promote local development and creates employment opportunities. The modular approach allows to tailor services and products towards the specific community needs and offers interesting partnership opportunities with telecommunication providers, micro-finance institutions and other local businesses.

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