New Solutions for Safe Vaccination from B Medical Systems

New Solutions for Safe Vaccination from B Medical Systems

B Medical Systems, the leading manufacturer and distributor of cold chain equipment for large scale vaccination programs in emerging markets, has expanded its portfolio of cold chain vaccination solutions.

One of the new offerings, the cold chain data logger, which enables real-time, worldwide monitoring of vaccines, comes in response to the clear need for better tracking and monitoring of vaccines throughout their journey along the cold chain. A second, the new health center kit, is specifically designed for use in remote areas, where electricity cannot be guaranteed and health center staff work with only basic resources. It is able to recognize an excess of available energy which it then uses to automatically charge and power essential devices such as mobile phones.

Luc Provost, CEO of B Medical Systems, says:

“In the most difficult situations and remote areas in the world, our customers can count on us to ensure the success of their vaccination campaigns. Our new data logger ensures the cold chain is respected and every vaccine is both safe and usable, improving patient outcomes and reducing waste. And our new health center kit uses sunlight to provide power for light, ventilation and mobile phone charging – offering vital help and extra comfort to patients and healthcare staff alike.”

Also available as part of the new range are: the largest rotomoulded icelined refrigerator in the world; two new icepack freezers (a stand-alone solar direct drive icepack freezer and large capacity icepack freezer); and a small capacity icelined refrigerator and ice pack freezer for health centers.

Luc Provost adds: “We are delighted to be able to offer our customers these new and innovative solutions for safe vaccination. We understand that their needs are constantly evolving, and we believe our growing range of high quality, reliable products both reflects and caters for this. B Medical Systems is synonymous with quality; our products have a low total cost of ownership, avoiding unnecessary maintenance visits and expenses. Most importantly of all, they save lives.”

In addition to the latest cold chain vaccination solutions, the company is launching its first solar direct drive blood bank refrigerator, with a storage capacity of 90 blood bags.

B Medical Systems took part in the Aid & Development Asia Summit in June in Bangkok. To find out more about the event, please click here

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