Earthquake in Nepal - 2 water treatment systems from Kärcher Futuretech in use in Kathmandu May 2015

Earthquake in Nepal - 2 water treatment systems from Kärcher Futuretech in use in Kathmandu May 2015

According to information from the UN, around 4.3 million people were affected by the consequences of the two severe earthquakes in Nepal. To safeguard the population's supply of drinking water, mobile water treatment plants from Kärcher Futuretech were deployed very quickly after the first earthquake. With a 24/7 operational and technical hotline and drinking water experts on hand, Kärcher Futuretech also supported the Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW), the civilian and disaster protection organisation of the Federal Republic of Germany.

30,000 people were provided with drinking water every day
The THW operated Kärcher Futuretech water treatment systems in Kathmandu, producing up to 10,000 litres of drinking water per hour. The water was delivered directly on site or distributed to the population via tankers. The quality of the drinking water, produced in accordance with WHO standards, was continuously checked and confirmed by a mobile THW laboratory.

The performance, mobility and reliability of the WTC 5000 UF enabled aid organisations to set up the required infrastructure in a short time to provide people in Nepal with adequate clean drinking water quickly and of guaranteed quality.

Clean drinking water is essential for survival
A reliable supply of drinking water is one of the most urgent challenges facing emergency aid organisations following disasters and emergency situations. Kärcher Futuretech has developed the WTC 5000 UF water treatment system especially for the safeguarding of water supplies following such crises. This highly mobile system can be operated with only minimal energy requirements and can be dismantled into individual, portable modules for transport.  The WTC 5000 UF produces particle-free drinking water from nearly any natural source of raw water. This water is classified as both microbially and virally safe, and is approved according to international standards (FDA, DVGW W 270).

To find out more about Kärcher Futuretech and their solutions, join us at the Aid & Development Africa Summit 2016 on 2-3 February at the United Nations Conference Centre in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

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