Canada doubles its contribution to the Global Partnership for Education

Canada doubles its contribution to the Global Partnership for Education

The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, announced at the World Economic Forum this week that the country will now provide $180 million each year to the Global Partnership for Education, a doubling of its previous commitment.

The Partnership is an organisation working in 65 developing countries to support childhood education. It is currently seeking to raise US$3.1 billion to increase access to education for 870 million young people.

Speaking on a panel with Malala Yousafzai, co-founder of the Malala Fund, Mr. Trudeau said:

“Educate and empower women and the debate changes, the concerns change and the type of decisions made change – all for the better”

He added that Canada has adopted a “global feminist development policy” and that this is “the most effective way of making a lasting difference in the world”.

Ms. Yousafzai, a noted activist for girls’ education, also called on the private sector to do more to fund these initiatives:

“With investment in women, the returns are very high and the opportunity costs very low. Educated, skilled women lift economic growth, help reduce poverty, change perceptions and eradicate evils like child labour. But we must make a first step and start funding for learning”

Alice Albright, Chief Executive Officer, Global Partnership for Education, welcomed the decision from the Prime Minister:

“We look forward to continuing to work with Canada and other governments, to ensure that GPE reaches a funding level of at least US$2 billion per year by 2020.  Canada’s leadership of the G7 this year is a great opportunity for to take the bold steps necessary to ensure that girls and boys everywhere have the opportunity of a quality education”


                              The Malala Fund called on other countries to follow Canada’s lead



Header Image Credit: Office of the Prime Minister

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