World NGO Day

World NGO Day

On 27th February sixty-five years ago the definition of International Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) was first introduced by the United Nations. In light of the event, the day has been proclaimed as World NGO Day to raise awareness and recognise importance of the NGOs worldwide.

The first official acknowledgement of the World NGO Day took place at the Baltic Sea NGO Forum 2010 in Lithuania.

The World NGO Day raises awareness about the international initiative and NGO sector, its value to society and individuals that dedicate their time. It also aims to inspire collaboration between different NGOs and inspire people to become more actively involved within NGOs.

The initiative was created five years ago and aspires to be part of the international calendar, while acknowledged and supported by various NGOs around the world. It is intended to be a symbol of bringing together the world’s NGOs to build stronger future for all.

By collaborating, commemorating and celebrating the efforts and achievements of NGOs from all sectors, for a better future for this generation and the next ones

There is a need for better and enhanced collaboration and cooperation between different NGOs to maximise the output and decrease repetition of efforts.

 “I believe that a World NGO day is an excellent opportunity to recognize and celebrate the successes of the sector, and also to provide a focus for new ideas” - Jan Mattsson, Executive Director, United Nations Office for Project Services (now Member of Inspection Panel, The World Bank Group) 

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World NGO Day report can be viewed here 

Image Source: AIDF Water Security Summit

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