XLA’s GlobalCorps: The Solution for Talent Acquisition

XLA’s GlobalCorps: The Solution for Talent Acquisition

Connecting the Right Talent Enables Organizations to Build Teams for Humanitarian Assistance and International Development Efforts

The GlobalCorps™ brand is a recognized and trusted source for filling humanitarian assistance and transition response vacancies. The GlobalCorps Team conducts traditional outreach and networking in addition to virtual  outreach to connect job seekers with our clients’ opportunities. 

Relieving the Administrative Burden Enables Hiring Organizations to Focus on Their Response Efforts 

Hiring and retaining the right talent is critical to the overall success and health of any organization. The process is time-consuming, labor-intensive and lengthy, and propelling the recruitment to a successful conclusion can be a daunting undertaking. The GlobalCorps Team understands the administrative and technical recruitment burdens, and has an established pipeline of diverse talent interested in the types of international development and humanitarian assistance positions our clients seek. This enables our clients to focus on their international development and humanitarian assistance responses. The GlobalCorps Team brings its extensive experience providing recruitment and talent acquisition support to USAID and other donor agencies to help carry out seamless staff sourcing.

The GlobalCorps Team provides a one-stop-shop for our clients so that they can focus on the technical aspects of humanitarian and transition response. Using proven standard operating procedures (SOPs), our toolbox (an internal resource used to effectively manage pre-solicitation, solicitation, recruitment and staffing support tasks), and our ongoing updates, our Team provides a central portal for communication and requests so that our clients are not burdened with the multitude of details required to respond quickly to arising events, including disaster response, political transition, conflict prevention, and democracy interventions. We also have developed a community who subscribe to our exclusive email alerts and have profiles in our searchable database providing our clients a critical “at the ready” pipeline of diverse talent in case of quick-turnaround recruitment actions. Our support extends beyond the talent search to include a full suite of services such as development of recruitment strategies, expert support in the development of scopes of work, human resources support, and the full lifecycle staffing support.

We have consistently demonstrated our ability to adapt and innovate with new technologies and introduce processes to consistently improve the time to hire, maintain quality and procurement integrity, and cost-effectively manage a 500% increase in applications since Fiscal Year (FY) 2007. We implemented the use of electronic application books for USAID Selection Committee members, which decreased the time needed for recruiters to prepare materials for Selection Committees, as well as the cost of paper and printing. Our innovative solution was nominated for a 2011 President’s SAVE Award. The award-winning GlobalCorps Team brings this commitment to innovation and customer service to every recruitment we facilitate.

The GlobalCorps Difference

In 1999, XLA developed and launched USAID’s first Personal Services Contract (PSC)-dedicated recruiting full-service support team to provide a one-stop shop for applicants. This included one of the first generation websites dedicated to recruiting and talent acquisition, which was also the first-ever PSC-focused recruiting website, www.globalcorps.com. Over the years, GlobalCorps has expanded to a dynamic and diverse community supporting multiple humanitarian response and political transition organizations and connecting them with thousands of potential candidates interested in our advertised vacancies.

GlobalCorps complements the website’s reach with both traditional and online outreach including social media marketing on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and utilizes an exclusive subscription-based email notification service that reaches 10,000 subscribers with each email alert. Our searchable database includes over 12,000 profiles of diverse and specialized talent with international development, humanitarian response and political transition experience interested in the positions our clients seek to fill.

Since its inception, GlobalCorps has built a reputation among personnel and organizations in the international development and humanitarian assistance communities as an effective resource for connecting exceptional applicants with unique and challenging job opportunities. GlobalCorps utilizes valuable recruitment tools such as our subscriber-based email notification network of the humanitarian and international development community, a database of prospective applicants, and a comprehensive website for successful international talent acquisition. GlobalCorps understands that hiring organizations need to reach the right potential applicants and has a time-tested approach to our outreach and talent identification.

GlobalCorps Benefits:

  1. Recognized expertise in talent acquisition and procurement, PSC contracting and HR administration;
  2. Experienced staff who provide expert advice in developing scopes of work (SOWs) and requisitions that are FAR and AIDAR-compliant, and ensuring the acquisition and recruitment process are meet all local, state and Federal requirements;
  3. Extensive, demonstrated experience providing flexible and responsive staffing support to our clients;
  4. Exacting quality control measures and SOPs to decrease errors and reduce time delays;
  5. Commitment to quality customer service and our clients’ mission;
  6. Robust network of diverse talent who have opted in to the GlobalCorps community (10,000 subscribers and over 12,000 applicant profiles in our database);
  7. Reliable online presence including a dedicated website, social media and an exclusive subscription-based email notification system to connect interested candidates to you;
  8. One-stop shop for all recruitment needs for both job seekers and our clients.

About GlobalCorps

GlobalCorps, a department of XLA, is a leading provider of recruitment process outsourcing and staffing support. For over 20 years, GlobalCorps has leveraged our experience to connect exceptional applicants with organizations offering unique and challenging job opportunities in support of international development efforts. GlobalCorps offers reliable, responsive and exacting support and expertise in recruitment and talent acquisition, government procurement and staffing support. The GlobalCorps team provides a one-stop-shop for applicants and hiring organizations so that they can focus on the technical aspects of humanitarian and transition response.

Learn more about how GlobalCorps’ services enable humanitarian and development organizations identify and hire the right talent and lift the administrative burden of these activities so organizations can deliver effective responses: www.xla/com/globalcorps.com

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