UN appeals for $738 million to support Venezuelan migrants

UN appeals for $738 million to support Venezuelan migrants

The United Nations announced earlier this week that it was seeking $738 million to support neighbouring South American countries with an influx of Venezuelan migrants and refugees.

According to the U.N. Refugee Centre, UNCHR, three million Venezuelans have fled the economic and political crisis since 2015. 

Mark Lowcock, U.N. Emergency Relief Coordinator commented:

"There is one crisis for which we for the first time have a response plan, which is to help the countries neighbouring Venezuela deal with the consequences of large numbers of Venezuelans leaving the country.”

Many Venezuelans have fled to 16 countries within the Caribbean and South America. Ecuador, Peru, Colombia and Brazil are currently hosting the highest number of migrants. For example, Colombia is home to one million migrants.

It is estimated that 3.6 million people will be in need of protection and assistance, with no incentive to return to Venezuela in the short to medium term.

Last week the U.N. announced an emergency appeal of $9 million for health and nutrition projects in Venezuela due to hyperinflation, major food/medicine shortages and violence.

Lowcock added: 

"I think there is a shared agreement that more U.N. help in those sorts of areas would be a very helpful thing in reducing the suffering of people inside Venezuela. What we have agreed with the government of Venezuela is that we should strengthen our collaborative work and support for example in area of health services and nutrition.”

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