NRS International launches interactive Virtual Disaster Simulation at Global Disaster Relief Summit

NRS International launches interactive Virtual Disaster Simulation at Global Disaster Relief Summit

NRS International and the Aid & International Development Forum (AIDF) will launch a Virtual Disaster Simulation as part of the upcoming Global Disaster Relief Summit 2016 in Washington DC. Hosted by NRS International, the industry leading manufacturer of relief essentials, this unique learning lab will allow humanitarian and development professionals to use virtual and live action role play to simulate post-crisis supply chain challenges. The session will be facilitated by experts from the American Logistics Aid Network (ALAN).

We are currently experiencing an unpredictable and fast-moving landscape of manmade and natural disasters, the complexity of which is ever deepening. Understanding this new environment is essential if future disaster responses are to be effective. Accordingly, the continuous learning of all stakeholders throughout disaster relief supply chain has grown in importance.

Immersive and collaborative learning

Virtual worlds provide immersive and collaborative learning spaces. They simulate the operational and ethical challenges likely to be faced by organisations responding to disasters, without the associated endangerment of lives in the real world. But their true power lies in the fact that information alone rarely makes people change their minds, but personal experience often does. So whilst a conference attendee will typically retain 20% of the content presented, role-playing enhances knowledge, promotes learning and engenders new practices. Participants get a deep understanding of the motivations and behaviour of different stakeholders, develop decision-making skills, and can reflect and learn from the consequences of their choices.

Challenging even for the most experienced

The Virtual Disaster Simulation will be held on 7 September alongside the AIDF Global Disaster Relief Summit. It promises to be both inspiring and thought-provoking, and will simulate post-crisis supply chain realities. To ensure a challenging session for even the most experienced professionals, NRS International, AIDF and ALAN have convened a panel of leading industry experts to ensure that the simulation is as real as possible.

Valuable new insights

We will present a challenging scenario based in the fictional country of Terratoras. Participants will be responding to a humanitarian crisis caused by a major natural disaster, whereby victims desperately need shelter, WASH items and medicines to survive. Participants will use smartphones or tablets to play the role of supplier, government or NGO, and in the process will gain valuable new insights. Each role has a different objective, and players will need to collaborate with sector, demographic, and geographic partners to keep supply lines open.

A new approach

NRS International pioneers’ products that improve the lives of those most in need around the world. All these products are the outcome of a product innovation cycle, throughout which all stakeholders contribute. This results in better quality results, greater client and beneficiary satisfaction and technological breakthroughs. We have applied this philosophy to the development of this Virtual Disaster Simulation, and by working together with our public and private partners we aim to cultivate a culture of innovation and learning throughout the entire humanitarian community.

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