Irregular Migrant, Refugee Arrivals in Europe Top One Million in 2015

Irregular Migrant, Refugee Arrivals in Europe Top One Million in 2015

International Organization of Migration (IOM) has confirmed that over one million refugees and migrants have reached Europe in 2015 mainly from Syria, South Africa and East Asia.

The IOM’s Displacement Tracking Matrix - Flow Monitoring System reported over 1 million arrivals to Europe, mostly (97%) by sea to Greece, Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, Malta and Cyprus. This is the highest migration flow since World War II. The vast majority of migrants are Syrians, followed by Iraqi and Afghans, as no other nationalities are now allowed to cross.

The fatalities amongst the migrants and refugees continue to rise, with the total deaths estimated to be almost 3,700, which is 10% more compared to 2014.

“We know migration is inevitable, necessary and desirable. But it’s not enough to count the number of those arriving - or the nearly 4,000 this year reported missing or drowned. We must also act. Migration must be legal, safe and secure for all - both for the migrants themselves and the countries that will become their new homes.” said IOM Director General William Lacy Swing.

IOM is offering assisted voluntary return to their country of origin for migrants who have been turned back from the border. An increasing number of migrants, notably Moroccans, are expressing an interest, given the lack of other options to return home safely

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Image source: SIGMALIVE 

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