Ensuring rapid response during the Nepal earthquake with car lifting system SPACCER from Germany

Ensuring rapid response during the Nepal earthquake with car lifting system SPACCER from Germany

World market leading patented car lifting system SPACCER is ideally suited for rapid reaction after disasters as the recent Nepal earthquake has shown. The unique German company provides an affordable car lifting system for all car makes and models worldwide, which can be directly installed onsite. In Nepal ambulances and auxiliary transporters were placed higher by up to 6 centimetres and therefore allowing safer and faster access of humanitarian aid to remote and less accessible areas.


When the devastating earthquake hit Nepal on April 25, 2015 more than 8000 people were killed and over 23,000 injured. The strongest quake in Nepal for over 80 years had shaken the Himalayas, with an extreme thickness of 7.8. In the worst affected districts Gorkha

and Sindupalchowk up to 90 per cent of the houses were destroyed. Targeted distribution of essential relief items, particularly in remote areas remained very difficult for weeks. The UN agency for disaster relief coordination OCHA informed that there were no tents and necessary tools available. Even helicopters were progressing very slowly and were overloaded. Plus helicopters were just no longer enough for the relief operations, more transport options were urgently needed.


Franz Hamann Tuning, owner and developer of SPACCER for whom the Nepal crisis became a matter truly dear to his heart, made donations of immediately ready-for-action goods – the SPACCER.  Ambulances, rescue vehicles and auxiliary transporters were equipped with the patented technology to lift them up and therefore make them more agile and safe in difficult terrain.

SPACCER Nepal was already familiar with the region, the local authorities and customs since a key distributor had settled in Nepal years ago. Support for the efforts of humanitarian and relief organisations was quickly available. Especially the newly equipped and lifted vehicles onsite in Nepal were able to get desperately needed supplies and help into areas of reduced access without putting extra strain on limited rescue budgets.

SPACCERs involved in the Nepal rescue showed how a little lift (of up to 6 centimetres) can greatly improve the usability of vehicles even in very difficult, post-earthquake terrain. 

The ‘Lift-Up’ has firmly established itself on the market for years and proofed to be an affordable and safe upgrade for existing vehicles. In 98% of all vehicle types, a so-called SPACCER of 12mm, 24mm,36mm or 48mm is easily and quickly installed. That’s why this truly unique technology from Germany could be used without any problems in Nepal.


For more information on SPACCER please visit www.spaccer.com  or to learn more about how easily and quickly the car-lift can take place please see the installation video here: http://www.aidforum.org/directory/spaccer

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