Emergency Lighting Solution Improves Education

Emergency Lighting Solution Improves Education

Speedtech Energy, the leading manufacturer of solar energy-saving lighting devices in emerging markets, has accumulated 17 year experiences of solar applications. The most popular application is, the mini solar light bar (portable solar lighting device), which is all in one design, during the day takes 5 hours to fully charge and then enables 10 hours of continuous illumination at night. Equipped with a highefficiency solar panel, its Lithium battery can be charged immediately even under the dimmed light of the sun. Besides, a light sensor has been incorporated into the device, can switch on / off depending on the light source of the environment, to conserve battery consumption. This solar portable LED lighting device can contribute to improve the quality of living of residents in remote/rural areas with limited or no access to electricity.

The Mini Solar Light Bars already certified by the Lighting Global (World Bank) are also a safe and sustainable alternative to harmful kerosene lamps often used in energy challenged countries and communities recovering from disaster. It has been used as an emergency lighting in the earthquakes in Japan, Nepal, Chili, Peru, Ecuador, etc. Besides, it has been widely applied in developing countries for many years to provide children’s night-time learning, and since 2014 UNICEF has been purchasing to aid children.

Lucas Chu, General Manager of Speedtech Energy, says:

“In less developed countries and other power shortage areas, many students are forced to stop learning because of frequent power cut. Our mini solar light bar enables students to continue studying and doing homework after sunset. It helps countries significantly to have a better education development and to solid national strength. And the device also comes with sling, so children can wear the lamp on the chest to illuminate the way home.”

Another emergency assistance solution is Solar Kit. LED Tubes integrated batteries are separated from a Solar Panel. After 5 hours fully charging, the lighting Tubes can supply 7 continuous hour illumination. Each LED Tube has a USB port and becomes a portable power bank to recharge any brands’ mobile phones and tablets. Besides, it also comes with hooks and tools to allow LED Tubes fixed on the wall or ceiling. The Solar Kit has been widely used in scattered islands and shelter camps to provide night lighting and tablet/phone charging functions.

Lucas Chu adds: “the mission we have is to offer useful and affordable solar solutions lifting more people out of poverty.”

Speedtech Energy, as a socially conscious company, develops and manufactures game-changing solar application products for disaster relief. Until now, the company has provided hundreds of thousands of solar lighting devices to isolated areas in the world, and will continue devoting itself to develop new products to light up the darkness.

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