Caribbean Disaster Response Communications by ITC Global

Caribbean Disaster Response Communications by ITC Global

In the wake of the recent back-to-back hurricanes that have devastated the Caribbean, remote satellite communications provider, ITC Global, has joined its customers and NGO partners in supporting humanitarian aid and relief efforts in progress across the region.

The company’s Disaster Recovery team is actively working with first responders and NGO partners to install emergency communications networks for crisis management teams on the ground in Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and the surrounding areas.

With extensive VSAT coverage and satellite capacity over the Antilles, ITC Global is providing connectivity for rapid response teams operating in the region so they can focus on the task of restoration and recovery.

Through ITC Global's Channel Partners, the company has been delivering emergency communications services to federal reserve forces deployed in the Caribbean, with emergency services initiated following the destruction from Hurricane Irma, and then continuing on in the wake of Hurricane Maria's landfall just two weeks later. With widespread damage across the region and water, food and other survival essentials still en route for delivery to residents via humanitarian aid relief teams, communications capabilities have been critical. In addition, the company is also actively delivering communications support to the American Red Cross as they provide aid in storm-ravaged areas of Puerto Rico.

ITC Global's advanced technologies and experience in supporting disaster response efforts have helped relief teams on the ground leverage satellite communications to enable immediate broadband connectivity. Service can be rapidly deployed to support a range of requirements, from a single user accessing email to a small command center. Likewise, solutions can be tailored to suit specific needs, and to deploy communications services rapidly.

To learn more about how ITC Global is supporting humanitarian aid efforts using satellite communications to make a difference, visit:, or contact a disaster recovery communications specialist today:, +1 613-853-8244.

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