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Newsletter - October 2017


Dear colleagues,

This year's hurricane season in the southern United States has made it clear just how much damage natural disasters can do, even when there is strong infrastructure in place.

Natural disasters have the ability to undo years of development in the Global South. Drought, flooding, and a number of other weather-related disasters can leave millions without the proper resources to survive. Such disasters limit sanitation and hygiene (WASH), access to clean water, food security and access to healthcare. Progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is reduced and it can take years to rebuild those systems. This newsletter looks at natural disasters, preparedness strategies and reports on the current state of the SDGs and humanitarian aid.

To learn more about achieving SDGs and impact of technology on the African healthcare, join the 3rd annual Aid & Development Africa Summit. Reserve your participation and explore best practice, project updates, innovations and opportunities of sustainable collaboration in Africa's humanitarian and development space.

Kind Regards,

Path to Achieving Health

Responding to Climate Change with Climate Science in Kenya

Kenya, like many other climate vulnerable countries around the world, has experienced natural disasters and extreme weather at an alarming rate and immense intensity. The impacts of climate vulnerability and natural disasters disproportionately affect the infrastructure and resilience of a country like Kenya. As rainfall during the rainy season remains low over many years, the country...

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Caribbean Disaster Response Communications by ITC Global

In the wake of the recent back-to-back hurricanes that have devastated the Caribbean, remote satellite communications provider, ITC Global, has joined its customers and NGO partners in supporting humanitarian aid and relief efforts in progress across the region. The company’s Disaster Recovery team is actively working with first responders and NGO partners...

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Hurricane Season and the Dawn of the Technological Response

The Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico have recently faced trial after trial with the arrival of three hurricanes into this region. As Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas and Louisiana, the states faced approximately 27 trillion gallons of water from ocean storm surges and heavy rainfall. Harvey claimed...

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World Habitat Day

October 2nd is World Habitat Day, which is a day to reflect on the basic right of adequate shelter for all. This year’s theme is Housing Policies: Affordable Homes, which is championed by United Cities and Local Governments and the United Nations’ Make the Shift campaign. This campaign seeks to change the way the general public views housing. The aim is to shift the way...

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Facilitating Local Innovation to Community Problems through 3D Printing

Two years ago Colin Keogh and Dr Shane Keaveney began a charitable project with the goal of enabling the access of innovators from the third world to new technologies. According to Keogh the resulting creation, the Rapid Foundation, takes an unconventional approach to aid delivery by...

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Featured Reports:

Virtual reality

United Nations Report on SDGs

Commenting on the recently published UN report on the progress of achieving SDGs, UN Secretary-General António Guterres remarked that the “rate of progress in many areas is far slower than needed to meet the targets by 2030”. This is highlighted by the rising death rates attributable to lack of water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) services in sub-Saharan Africa that reached 46/100,000 from 12/100,000 in 2012.

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Natural Disasters

Advice & Trends in Emergency Procurement & Humanitarian Aid

On 29th June 2017, AIDF hosted a webinar on ‘Advice & Trends in Emergency Procurement and Humanitarian Aid’.Brian Corry, Acting Deputy Vice President, Contracts and Administration, Millennium Challenge Corporation offered first-hand insights and guidance on how to procure good and services during emergency scenarios. Kenny Cheung, the World Bank’s...

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What Did the UN Buy

ONE 2017 Data Report: Financing for the African Century

The continent of Africa is currently at a development impasse. As global aid patterns shift and African economies weaken from the drop in commodity prices, Africa’s development becomes stagnate. According to the ONE 2017 Data Report: Financing for the African Century, Africa’s population has increased by 14% since 2012, but the combination of aid, domestic revenues and...

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3rd annual Aid & Development Africa Summit

27-28 February 2018 I Safari Park Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya

The Aid & Development Africa Summit unites humanitarian and development leaders, decision makers and advisors committed to achieving the SDGs in the region.

The two day conference features four different streams with a focus best practice, project updates, innovations and partnerships in humanitarian logistics, health & WASH, emergency communication, shelter, disaster resilience, financial inclusion and use of mobile technology for aid and development programmes in Africa.


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