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Newsletter - August 2017


AIDF has published an infographic detailing the impacts and exposure to disasters and climate change worldwide. As shown in the infographic, disasters were responsible for 23.5 million new displacements in 2016, with 97% being caused by weather and climate-related events. Over 2.3 billion people have been affected by floods between 1995 and 2015, while drought affected another 1.1 billion people during the same period.

Insight and practical solutions are required to strengthen disaster resilience, improve preparedness and save lives. Research into social value of cold chain by B Medical Systems concluded that vaccine refrigeration units can save $4.5 million over 10-year lifespan and prevent 37,700 cases of illness. To reduce the environmental impact, Envirotainer is using virtual reality to enable real life situations in the temperature-controlled supply chain, taking its customers on a journey which illustrates the implications of choices made as to how to ship their products.

Mobile applications also play an important role in improving emergency response. AIDF is on the lookout for apps that support disaster relief and global development efforts to be featured at the Planet of the Apps during the Global Disaster Relief & Development Summit. Submit your nominations to

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B Medical Systems

$4.5m of Social Cost Averted by One Cold Chain Unit

B Medical Systems has found that their vaccine refrigeration units can avert a social cost of almost $4.5 million per unit over its 10-year lifespan. Reliability of a cold chain unit is also critical to overall financial and social cost. It was found that each breakdown results in a social cost of up to $15,000 per breakdown per cold chain. These findings encompass numerous lives lost and illnesses that could have otherwise been prevented by effective vaccines.

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Disasters & Climate Change

Between 1996 and 2015, there were 7,056 disasters recorded worldwide - twice as many disasters that happened during the previous two decades between 1976 and 1995. According to the infographic, 91% of these disasters were attributable to climate or weather-related events. This also coincides with the dramatic increase in annual average temperatures marking previous decades. The trend has resulted in 2015 being the hottest year on record.

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Development Finance
Virtual reality

Virtual Reality also Impacts Cold Chain

Given that pharmaceutical companies are experiencing a significant transition, Envirotainer is working closely with its customers to ensure that they have access to the right solutions within the temperature-controlled supply chain. The impact of delaying a market introduction or the revenue of losing a shipment can be in the billions of USD.

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Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters and Income Inequality

Countries all over the globe with wide varieties of GDP ratings should look more closely at the demographics of social vulnerability within their borders. Past disasters from Sri Lanka to Tokyo have seen those residing in poverty facing a dispro-portionately large number of severe effects caused by disaster. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina...

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What Did the UN Buy

What Did the UN Buy Last Year?

In 2016, the United Nations increased its overall volume of procurement by 0.8% as compared to 2015. This translates to a $137.2 million change from roughly $17.6 billion to $17.7 billion. While many organisations saw a decline in procurement volume during 2016, six organisations including the WFP, UNDP and UNHCR experienced...

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Featured Interviews:


Hani Shannak,
Senior ICT Advisor, UNICEF

Hani's main role is to provide ICT leadership, technical support, oversight and stewardship for ICT-related humanitarian and emergency responses. This includes serving as the representative of the ICT Division in the UN inter-agency ICT bodies and with public and private sector partnerships to enable optimal humanitarian response.

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Global Eagle

Christopher Ivory,
VP Land Solutions, Global Eagle

Global Eagle acquired Emerging Markets Communi-cations (EMC) in 2016 and provides end to end satellites solutions for office appli-cations and emergency responses for 12 UN agencies, several Nethope members and other NGOs. The company is actively providing services in 140+ countries supporting customers' humanitarian missions...

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Glatt Stove

Carlos Glatt,
CEO & Co-Founder,
Glatt Stove

Glatt Stove is currently in negotiations with the state of Virginia to donate 1,000 cook stoves in a project to assist families who suffer from floods and other natural disasters. The company is in conversation with different people at the UN to become a supplier and help people in developing countries, mainly in the Middle East’s refugee camps.

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AIDF Africa Summit

3rd annual Aid & Development Africa Summit

27-28 February 2018 I Nairobi

Now in its 3rd year, the Aid & Development Africa Summit will examine latest policy and project updates and influence the debate on improving humanitarian aid operations and infrastructure resilience in sub-Saharan East Africa. The agenda is being developed in consultation with WFP, Red Cross, World Vision, USAID, UNICEF, World Bank, Save the Children, UN Habitat, FHI360 and others.

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Global Disaster Relief

9th annual Global Disaster Relief & Development Summit

6-7 September I Washington D.C.

If you know any mobile applications that support disaster response and global development, nominate them to be showcased at Planet of the Apps during the Summit, which gathers senior representatives from UN and government agencies, NGOs, investors, the private sector and media. Submit your suggestions to

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Crisis Response Journal

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