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Newsletter - April 2017

Dear colleague,

This newsletter highlights innovations and individuals that are helping advance humanitarian action. With over 65 million forcibly displaced people, REFUNITE has managed to digitally reconnect many refugees who got separated from their loved ones. The co-founders of REFUNITE David and Christopher Mikkelsen, have been awarded as Social Entrepreneurs of the Year by the World Economic Forum and the Schwab Foundation.

The past month has also marked World Water Day (22nd March) and World Tuberculosis (TB) Day (24th March), bringing awareness to the importance of finding a cure to a disease that takes lives of 1.5 million people a year. World Water Day emphasised the importance of freshwater and sanitation in transforming societies and economies while improving livelihoods.

With Myanmar’s population suffering the effects of monsoon, flooding and landslides, Save the Children and the Three Millennium Development Goal Fund (3MDG) work on promoting health & WASH and advancing maternal and newborn health. Read more

According to the Asian Development Bank, $800 billion is required to provide 1.5 billion people in Asia with access to safe drinking water and sanitation. $26 trillion is needed by 2030 to resolve Asia’s infrastructure funding gap. View the latest AIDF infographic on infrastructure resilience and disasters & migration in Southeast Asia.

Providing adequate drinking water supplies, strengthening infrastructure resilience and disaster preparedness remain key priorities in the region, which is recognised of being at extreme risk of natural disasters. Find out more about innovations, policies and partnerships supporting aid delivery and development strategy at the Aid & Development Asia Summit in Myanmar. Register here

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REFUNITE Brothers Awarded as Social Entrepreneurs of the Year

Today, 29th March 2017, the World Economic Forum and the Schwab Foundation awards the co-founders of Refugees United (REFUNITE), Christopher and David Mikkelsen, as Social Entrepreneurs of the Year. The brothers launched the non-profit organisation in 2008 with the goal to reunite refugee families who had been separated as a result of displacement. This award recognises the co-founding brothers for their...

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World TB Day

World Tuberculosis Day - Education For Prevention

Between 2000-2014, 43 million cases of Tuberculosis (TB) had been diagnosed in an early stage resulting in the ability to treat the disease and having a healthy recovery. March 24th marks World Tuberculosis Day allowing to further educate and bring awareness to the disease and those who suffer from it.Tuberculosis is a bacterial disease which most commonly affects the lungs. TB is spread by prolonged exposure to someone who...

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B Medical Systems

Importance of Cold Chains & Holistic Total Cost of Ownership

An unbroken and functioning cold chain is critical to ensuring that vaccines remain unspoilt and effective when administered to children. Equipment failure, even for a short time, can render entire batches of vaccines ineffective and result in children dying. This is particularly critical in remote health centres with no power supply, where replacing vaccines can take days or even weeks if the storage equipment fails.

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Focus on Southeast Asia: Myanmar

South East Asia is particularly prone to natural disasters: a situation which is compounded by the fact that more than half the countries in the region are low or lower income. In addition, three countries (Cambodia, Lao PDR and Myanmar) are considered least developed.Of these, Myanmar has suffered particularly from cyclones and resultant flooding and landslides. The Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre recent report shows...

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AIDF Infographic

[Infographic] Infrastructure Resilience in Asia

The Aid & International Development Forum (AIDF) has released an infographic on infrastructure resilience in Southeast Asia. The infographic was divided into the following:

  1. Infrastructure resilience & ICT development in Southeast Asia
  2. Access to energy in Myanmar
  3. Causes and impact of disasters and migration in Southeast Asia
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AIDF Asia Summit

3rd annual Aid & Development Asia Summit

Gathering 250+ senior representatives from regional governments, UN agencies, international and regional NGOs, development banks, donors, research institutes and the private sector, the Aid & Development Asia Summit will look into current initiatives and latest trends around technology and innovation for humanitarian programmes and disaster relief in Southeast Asia.

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