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Newsletter - March 2017

Dear colleague,

This newsletter highlights innovations and technology that are aiding development across the world.

At a record high, 65.3 million people have been displaced making resources such as electricity and water even more challenging to come across. Greenlight Planet focuses on using solar energy to ensure families can charge their devices and remain connected to their loved ones. Rivulis Irrigation helps farmers to address water scarcity by enabling higher agricultural output through small scale drip system.

Bangladesh is in the process of testing new solar-powered ambulances with hope to create more convenient and efficient aid for those in need of medical attention. New communication innovations, such as Talia's hybrid solutions, allow NGOs and aid agencies protect themselves from infrastructure failure by providing affordable contingency connections.

Media and technology advance SDGs by enabling access to education for children in the most hard-to-reach settings. In his interview, Danny Labin, Vice President of International Projects at Sesame Workshop, discusses how multimedia-based approach enables delivery of informal education and life-saving health lessons to the most vulnerable populations in Sub-Saharan Africa. Updates and initiatives for meeting education SDGs will be reviewed at the Aid & Development Africa Summit in Nairobi next week.

Lastly, Aid & International Development Forum is in the process of publishing the third annual guide to “Solutions That Save Lives & Support Development". The search for cutting-edge solutions, products and technologies is now on. Please share innovations that you are using, or those which you are aware of, and let us know how they make a difference.

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Greenlight Planet

Role of Reliable Solar-powered Lighting in Disaster Relief Efforts

What would you call basic human needs? Food, water and shelter? At least, that’s what Maslow tells us. But what if we changed the context, would these three still be the only basic needs?That is precisely what happens when disaster strikes. Be it through the...

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Rivulis Irrigation

Water: Vital to Sustaining Life
Rivulis Irrigation

Water is a limited natural resource that impacts not only the existence but also the quality of life. Water supplies are increasingly stressed given increasing demand due to population growth, competitive demand for food, fibre and fuel crops, and a disparity between...

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Solar powered ambulance

Solar-powered Ambulance to Save Lives in Bangladesh

The solar three-wheeled ambulance can run entirely on solar power and is perfect for Bangladesh’s many rural areas without adequate services. According to the developers, the ambulance is as well-equipped as the conventional ambulances used in Bangladesh...

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Mercy Corps

Mercy Corps Research Report on Stability in Sub-Saharan Africa

Mercy Corps research report “Financing the Frontier: Inclusive Financial Sector Development in Fragility-Affected Africa” commissioned by Financial Sector Deepening Africa and supported by the UK DfID...

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Nonprofit Tech for Good

Armscor: Supporting Peace-Keeping Operation in Africa

Driven by their vision to become the premier technology and acquisition service provider for the South African Government and their allies on the African continent and the world, Armscor is proud to have acquired state of the art defence materiel...

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The ReMiND Project

How NGOs and Aid Agencies Can Protect Themselves from Infrastructure Failure

Hybrid solutions are nothing new in the telecoms industry. The need for redundancy and backup solutions to ensure business continuity have existed since the early days. Normally done by duplicating capacity and...

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