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Newsletter - February 2017

Dear colleague,

This month’s newsletter highlights innovative solar technology that created a lasting impact on the health, safety and wellbeing of children and adults in developing nations.

An estimated 1 billion people around the globe do not have access to proper health services. Effective temperature-control mechanisms for transporting and storage of vaccines are necessary to prevent $750 million worth of vaccines being lost each year. Read how B Medical Systems' solar-powered cold chain solutions helped improve vaccination coverage in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Envirotainer supported the Ebola crisis response in Sierra Leone and the Sure Chill technology is saving lives in South Sudan.

Food scarcity is one of our major global challenges. In Kenya, 1.3 million people are facing food insecurity. Solar powered farming and smart irrigation allowed many farmers to achieve consistent growth of crops. Read about how Netafim contributed to making irrigation more accessible.

Supporting decision makers at the local and national levels with the correct tools will support achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In his interview, Mark Irura, project manager and technical analyst at Development Gateway, discusses the data behind the SDGs, which is the topic of his panel discussion at the upcoming Aid and Development Africa Summit.

Thanks to technology, we are steadily resolving the global issues. The Aid & International Development Forum (AIDF) is calling all apps that support humanitarian aid and development in Sub-Saharan East Africa. If you would like to recommend an app, please email

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Vaccination in DRC: solar fridges that save lives by B Medical Systems

In the remote south-east of the Democratic Republic of Congo illness stricken areas suffer on a regular basis from health epidemics. For many, few resources are available to contain the illnesses that pass through and therefore leave vaccinations as the only option. The introduction of a solar fridge has...

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Boosting the smallholder economy: Netafim Advancing SDGs

Irrigation is not just a way to grow crops more efficiently. It’s the basis for the creation of sustainable work in agriculture and the improve-ment of the economic position and well-being of millions of smallholder families around the world and the communities they are a part of.

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Air Partner and Envirotainer respond to the Ebola crisis

Air Partner and Envirotainer worked closely to implement a process to organize charter aircraft shipments on a regular basis. The first shipment with Envirotainer’s RAP e2 container transported temperature sensitive medical supplies to Freetown, Sierra Leone. Richard Smith, Director for Freight at Air Partner...

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Lifting Standards of the Cold Chain: Sure Chill Technology

An effective cold chain is essential to the safe delivery of vaccines. However many developing countries have inadequate cold chains; effective temperature-control mechanisms for the transport, storage and handling of vaccines are not in place...

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Call for Apps Supporting SDGs in Africa

A competition has been launched to showcase innovative apps that support humanitarian aid and development in Sub-Saharan East Africa. ​Apply now for a chance to showcase your app at the “Planet of the Apps” in Nairobi. Email:

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Tech Innovations Improving Livelihoods

In recent years, Kenya, which is susceptible to annual flooding in some parts and drought in others, has seen large swathes of its population devastated by environmental factors. From the displacement of an estimated 63,000 people in 2013 due to heavy rains...

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