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Spring Meetings: African Internally Displaced Person Voice Foundation (AIDPVF) & World Bank Civil Society

  • 20/04/2017
  • World Bank Headquarters Annex, 1850 I- Street, Washington DC, USA

Spring Meetings: African Internally Displaced Person Voice  Foundation (AIDPVF) & World Bank Civil Society

After the Kampala Convention on Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) little has been done to protect the rights to new settlement for Internally Displaced Persons in most African countries and on the global scale. The lack of a strong legal policy framework and implementing institutions, national government’s inability to confront security issues even in the “Save Zones” for IDPs as well as lack of strong involvement of international community to marshal greater financial and institutional support for displaced persons has over the years left them unsettled, un-integrated, unproductive and vulnerable.  According to statistics, over 40 million people are displaced globally without decent accommodation and shelter. Most have fled their homes because of natural disaster or conflict based on religion, race, social affiliation or political opinion but remain within their home country.

African Internally Displaced Person Voice  Foundation (AIDPVF) has partnered with the World Bank Civil Society Department to organize a high level forum on the resettlement and integration of IDPs. This event will bring together stakeholders in  order engage them with their peers, security experts, consultants, CSOs, governments, and  strategic parters. They will address designs and implementations of durable solutionions  to  improving human security and living standards as well as provide durable solutions for  resettlement and integrations  for  Internally Displaced Persons.


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