Digital Technologies for Resilience Workshop

FHI 360 is excited to share two big updates about the upcoming Digital Technologies for Resilience Workshop in Bangkok, Thailand, organised with funding and support from the Rockefeller Foundation and USAID. Save the date on your calendar for November 14-15th. 

A draft agenda is ready, which you can view here. This workshop is going to be a bit different from others, in that we want everyone to be contributing to the learning. Everyone who attends is expected to have something to share and be an active contributor. So that means lots of time for networking, lots of group activities, some unstructured, self-directed activities, and a smattering of presentations.

Since we want these two days to be as meaningful as possible for participants, we’re soliciting feedback from anyone interested in attending. Let us know what you think. Anything you think we should reconsider? Anything you really like? Tell us by August 31st using this brief survey.

Also, if you are currently implementing any resilience programming, we want to hear from you. Using this other survey, tell us the biggest challenge you are facing in your work that you think digital technology can help with. If we like what you have to share, you’ll be guaranteed a spot to attend! So make sure to submit sooner rather than later.

As we want to make sure that we have a diverse and balanced group of participants in the room, we’re taking our time to carefully review all people who have expressed an interest in attending. No need to re-register. We’ll let you know definitively by no later than the end of September, although if have an urgent need to know sooner, let me know. Thanks again for your interest.

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