World Panel, Inc.

World Panel, Inc.
Breakthrough mobile solar solutions for everyone under the sun. For more information visit

    The integration of mobile devices represents the “new normal” in global society. Innovations in hardware, content and connectivity have risen to meet the demands of this new reality. But there is a barrier to progress for the mobile wave. Mobile integration is hindered by the “energy poverty” experienced by billions who must rely on outdated, unpredictable or inaccessible energy systems. That’s where World Panel comes in. Our patented SunStream™ technology provides a fast, durable, portable, affordable mobile electricity solution that gives users energy independence. Our US-made products provide the breakthrough needed to deliver mobile energy to everyone under the sun.

  • World Panel technology converts sunlight into electricity instantaneously at a 99% throughput rate, making it the most efficient micro-solar panel on the global market. World Panel achieved this gain from a novel by-pass method that eliminated the need for delicate circuit boards, charge controllers, or chip sets. It is the first technology in the world to combine two extremely difficult international compliance standards into one unit: USB Dedicated Charging Port and UL photovoltaic module.

  • SunStream (TM)

    SunStream (TM)

    SunStream is our most compact and affordable handheld unit. It’s specifically made to be as fast as a wall plug to power the vast majority of feature phones on the planet.

  • SunStream PLUS (TM)

    SunStream PLUS (TM)

    SunStream PLUS offers 1/2 amp power as a mobile electricity solution for smartphones and tablets. Also powers feature phones faster than a wall plug. Excellent for powering other digital devices and battery storage devices such as our PowerStream.

  • PowerStream (TM)

    PowerStream (TM)

    PowerStream is uniquely designed as an energy storage solution for daily use. Provides access to energy on-demand and on-the-go to power all USB mobile devices, including elaborate smartphones. It’s not only a great battery, it also serves as a very bright LED flashlight.

  • PowerLink (TM)

    PowerLink (TM)

    PowerLink is a custom-designed USB cable that combines the power of two panels into one port. An affordable solution to conveniently increase power for larger load demands.

  • LightStream (TM)

    LightStream (TM)

    LightStream is a powerful, bright, 10-bulb LED light made for multiple applications in daily life. It’s mobile, affordable and designed to work hand in hand with the PowerStream to provide 7 hours of continuous bright light

  • The World Panel Story

    World Panel founder John A. Anderson shares the story of how he experienced energy poverty first hand and developed a solar energy solution for mobile device users around the world.

  • Mobile Solar in Action: Powering Healthcare

    Doctors at the Chongwe District Hospital in Zambia use their mobile phones to save patient lives every day. That makes access to mobile electricity a life-or-death challenge. Enter SunStream™ micro-solar panels from World Panel. Now the Doctor’s phone is always on.

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