Transversal is the leading provider of knowledge solutions for the cloud. Our solutions are designed to help improve agent efficiencies in contact centers, deliver exceptional experiences in online self-service and increase business performance through employees and business partners. We connect people with knowledge, ensuring agents, customers and employees alike can find the right answer the first time and every time they need it.

    Since its inception at Cambridge University in 1998, Transversal has focused on the simple idea of how to make it easier for businesses to answer customer's questions. Leveraging Bayesian principles, Transversal's early Memory Engine technology was invented to recognize themes and interpret meanings from student's emails with the ingenuity to be able to answer them automatically.

    Nearly two decades later, Transversal's solutions are deployed at almost one hundred blue chip companies, providing mission critical answers to customers across the globe. Our solutions have evolved with the experience and input from our customers, partners and employees who rely on our software every day. Our focus on understanding the true meaning behind people's questions has allowed us to build a knowledge solution that delivers results that others can't. Today we provide enterprise knowledge solutions for:

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