The International Association for Public Health Logisticians C/O JSI

The International Association for Public Health Logisticians C/O JSI
The International Association of Public Health Logisticians (IAPHL) is a professional association dedicated to improving public health supply chain management by promoting the professional development of those who work with health supplies, including nurses, pharmacists, and others carrying out logistics tasks. IAPHL supports supply chain professionals by providing them with access to resources, job listings, and facilitated listserv discussions related to public health supply chain management.

    Who are IAPHL members?

    The association supports logisticians worldwide by providing a forum where members can network, exchange ideas, and improve their professional skills. Our extensive membership network extends globally, with members from over 100 countries. IAPHL members come from a variety of professional backgrounds from all levels of the supply chain, which provides an environment for interesting knowledge-sharing and rich discussion.

    Why was IAPHL established?

    Public health logisticians play a critical but often undervalued role in providing lifesaving health services. Especially in developing countries, supply chain management is often not recognized as a profession that requires specialized training. The IAPHL was established to promote the professionalization of the field of public health logistics through education and information sharing.

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