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In an era of globalization, student groups, NGOs, and businesses conduct activities throughout the world, often in increasingly dangerous locations. Daily news reports of violence or natural disasters can cause these groups to feel anxious and intimidated when traveling abroad. TATE Global was founded to assist overseas travelers to make them more self-sufficient and to help them mitigate some of the unknown risks associated with traveling or doing business abroad. We understand that the best time to address safety is in advance. TATE Global takes a confidence-building approach to instruction and provides comprehensive analysis to prepare groups and individuals to deal proactively with high-risk environments and situations – avoiding scare tactics, jargon and other intimidating practices. TATE Global offers a comprehensive suite of risk mitigation services that help clients make strategic decisions about international business approaches, prepare for international trips with confidence, and avoid potential threats while traveling abroad. TATE Global Access provides in-depth research and analysis of locations throughout the world, providing corporations with actionable information and situational awareness to help them make strategic operational decisions. Our customized training prepares individuals and organizations to be self-reliant and risk aware prior to their travels. The ProtecTour mobile application provides 24-hour monitoring of a user’s location and threat proximity during their travels, and provides travelers with the ability to quickly report a threat. For more information about TATE Global’s services, or to discuss your customized risk assessment, contact our business development office at experts@tate-global.com.

    TATE Global is an industry leader in all aspects of risk mitigation and personal protection. It prepares people traveling abroad to travel both safely and with confidence.   

    • TATE Global enables students, families and corporate executives to deal proactively with high-risk environments and situations.
    • TATE Global offers in-depth risk assessment, customized training and mobile technology that provide travelers with the information needed to be risk aware and avert crisis. 
    • TATE Global wants travelers to feel confident and secure in their knowledge and competencies while on their travels, rather than dependent on private security or other groups.

    TATE Global’s ProtecTour mobile application is the only resource that combines the use of geo-tracking and unclassified human risk intelligence to arm users with localized intelligence.

    • TATE Global’s ProtecTour mobile technology provides 24-hour monitoring of client location and threat proximity, providing a real-time safety net that allows travelers to learn, work and play with confidence.
    • TATE Global sends alerts to inform users of local dangers or if they step inside a “geo-fence” (areas tagged as high-risk or dangerous areas to be avoided).
    • Users are able to communicate back to TATE Global via an alert trigger that will inform TATE that a client is in distress and needs help. 
    • Intelligence is sourced via RSS feeds of local government and emergency services and verified updates from users on the ground.
    • In the event that the worst does happen, TATE’s team has the experience to work with embassies and local authorities to resolve the issue.

    TATE Global’s ProtecTour mobile application allows other parties, such as family members and employers, to monitor the location and status of travelers, providing piece-of-mind to any person concerned about the safety and location of a traveler. 

    • Family members and employers can easily monitor travelers via a web-based tracking interface that shows the approximate location of the traveler, providing an extra sense of ease regarding the traveler’s safety. 
    • TATE Global understands there are potential risks associated with sending a family member or valued team member to international locations for school or work, and TATE’s mobile application provides an added sense of security that makes this decision easier. 
    • Families and employers know that if a situation does arise where a traveler is in danger, TATE Global is a trusted partner that has the expertise and ability to resolve the situation.

    TATE Global takes a proactive approach to individual safety and risk management.

    • The best time to address personal safety is in advance – TATE Global prioritizes planning, preparation and training for risk mitigation and risk awareness.
    • TATE Global’s primary goal is to help create a safety infrastructure, making travelers more self-sufficient and eliminating some of the unknown risks when traveling abroad.

    TATE Global personnel are diplomatic, relatable and provide real-world experience suited to your circumstances.

    • TATE Global takes a friendly, confidence-building approach to instruction – avoiding scare tactics, jargon and other intimidating practices.
    • TATE Global team members have a broad range of experience, including foreign service and instructional as well as tactical backgrounds.  
    • Whatever the situation, it is likely that one of TATE Global’s team members has first-hand experience dealing with it. 
    • TATE Global is uniquely qualified to understand and assist you, whether in safety planning, preparation and monitoring or resolution of emergent situations.

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