Speedtech Energy

Speedtech Energy
A Taiwanese company, Speedtech Energy, has been dedicated in design, development, and manufacture of various solar photovoltaic application devices and power solutions for more than 17 years. With products lines ranging from components to end-user oriented appliances such as Solar LED Street Lamps, Solar Traffic Signs, On-Grid / Off-Grid Solar Systems, Solar Water Pump, Solar Mosquito Traps, Solar Fans, Solar Reading Lights, and Solar Radios, Speedtech Energy provides tailor-made solutions which have made significant contribution to improve people’s quality of living and infrastructure of its markets mainly in Africa, the Middle East, Oceania, and Latin America.
  • SPVS Series Solar Panels

    SPVS Series Solar Panels

    Speedtech Energy offers Mono and Poly silicon PV panels of all sizes.

    Our modules have been so thoroughly tested and proven under harsh conditions that we offer a 25-year warranty with confidence.

    Speedtech Energy PV Modules are designed to meet international performance and safety certifications according to test standards IEC61215, IEC61730 and UL1703. They feature robust anodized frames, convenient mounting access, and weather-resistant junction boxes for the toughest kind of environments.

    Our customers always have peace of mind knowing they are dealing with a responsible and reliable company.

  • Solar Power plant

    Solar Power plant

    Speedtech Energy has solid experience in design & construction of on on grid solar power plants, with completed and on-going projects located in different geographical zones across Africa, Latin America and Oceania.

    At a time when government around the world are pushing for renewable energy, solar power plants are a good solution. The energy produced by the plant are added to the national electricity grid and credited to the plant owner.

    Our highly qualified experts specialize in system design, engineering and installation of photovoltaic projects systems. Our projects range from commercial systems of a few hundred kilowatts to utility-scale projects in mega-watts.

    We aim at achieving high precision in terms of cost-effective solutions to every project we engage in. All our designs are optimized to achieve the highest returns and to be adapted to each specific environments.

    Before the power plant design by our engineers, the soil quality, the topography, the geographical location as well as the sunlight situation are carefully examined. The brackets and the foundation used will also be carefully selected, depending on each specific climate conditions.

    We ensure budget and timelines are clearly defined and met. Our engineers will offer on-site inspection and supervision, detailed construction support and planning during the construction phase.

    After the installation, we set up a power plant monitoring system. It allows us, as well as the customer, to oversee at a distance the daily operation of the power plant.

  • Solar water Pump

    Solar water Pump

    SpeedTech Energy has set up several solar water pumps in different geographical zones such as Africa, Latin America and in the Pacific. Speedtech Energy water pumps are not equipped with a battery. Not only does this make the system more affordable, it also permits to increase the lifespan of the pump, which is able to rest when the sun sets.

    Water is still accessible at night because it is stored in a tank.

  • Solar Street Light

    Solar Street Light

    In the past years, SpeedTech Energy has achieved to develop strong expertise in solar LED street lights with products installation projects in Africa, America, and in Southern Pacific. SpeedTech Energy’s solar LED street light have contributed to road safety in numerous countries.

    SpeedTech Energy’s Solar street light are high quality designs and resistant against severe climate factor such as heat, saline air, and humidity.

  • Solar kit

    Solar kit

    Speedtech Energy’s Solar Kit is a basic home lightning system that can also serve as a portable devise.

    The solar kit comes in a variety of design and combination, but the concept is always the same: One solar panel charging 1, 2, 3 or 4 DC LED tubes with an integrated lithium battery.

    The tube(s) can be used for lighting. In the day time, before the user goes to work, he can connect the LED devise to the panel. At night time, when the user comes home, he will disconnect the tube(s) and for use inside the home or outdoor. The kit comes in a handy box and includes hangers for the walls.

    The kit is not only a lightning set. The tube(s) have a USB port and can be used as a power bank for charging cell phones. The kit can also includes an individual charger to charge a cell phone directly through the solar panel.

  • Mini Solar Light Bar

    Mini Solar Light Bar

    How to enhance life with sunlight at night ?

    Since 2011, Speedtech Energy provides its Mini Solar Light Bar to enhance Literacy and Livelihoods around the World.

    This All in one light bar is charged under sunlight and provides clean, reliable and affordable emissions-free lighting to under-served communities in less-developed and developing countries. With the solar module fixed on the lamp, the pupil only has to put the lamp under the sunlight to use it at night.

    For over 10 years, Speedtech Energy has cooperated with Ministries of Education and NGOs to create opportunities for children, students and families to improve their lives and living conditions – all without the need for power grid access

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