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Logistics in the News – Week 12

Spring is in the air! I have a sunroof in my car, and whenever the sun is out
and it’s not freezing cold I have it open as far as it will go. This
week was the first time this year I could do this. Usually it’s annoying
to be in traffic jams, but this week I didn’t mind so much. More of
that please, I’m ready for blue skies. Talking of skies; this brings us
to this week’s news which is, among other things, about open skies.

Port of Rotterdam battles congestion and KLM battles open skies for freighters policy

Two stories from the Netherlands to start with. The first is about
the Dutch parliament discussing an open skies policy for freighters this
april. KLM, the largest Dutch airline is against this, and do not want
other air freight companies to enter the Dutch skies. Contrary to
container ships, that can choose any port for calls, air freighters need
landing rights in countries that do not have open skies, like the
Netherlands. Proponents of open skies are saying that the Netherlands
are too small for this, as planes can easily land at airports in
neighboring countries without much added cost, or time lost.

The seond is an announcement of container stevedore ECT: they want to
tackle increasing waiting times at their quays. They need to find ways
to optimize operations, as all of the terminals are already operating
above their normal capacity. The West Coast port problems in the
Netherlands are far less complicated than the US West Coast ones.
West Coast Port Shut Downs: What’s the Impact?

The West Coast Port shut downs are over, but the problems caused by
said shut down are still not solved, and this will take time. Both
articles below talk about what is next, and what companies can do to
protect themselves from similar crises in the future
Drones in Distribution Centers

I love innovations and new technology, and I love warehousing, so any
combination of the two is a must share. Below are two articles, both
written by Puga Sankara, and both on drones in warehouses and how they
could improve distribution center operations. While I’m writing this the
weekend is at its end, but it made me think of a post I did on Drone Delivery concepts which are perfect for the weekend.