Kilimo Media

Kilimo Media

    KiMI is a farmer centred, media based agricultural advisory service provider whose aim is to make agricultural information available to small holder farmers in Kenya and Africa, using the media and other ICTs. It is a Kenyan non-profit organisation comprising a consortium of partners including universities, radio stations and farmer organisations.

    At Kilimo Media International (KiMI), we understand the potential of radio to address some of the bottlenecks in the delivery of effective agricultural information to smallholder farmers. We believe that for radio to become a truly effective tool to capture the farmer’s voice and deliver appropriate agricultural information, it must evolve beyond entertainment and supply‐driven content to achieve measurable change through a cost‐effective methodology that takes agricultural radio to the next level in scope, quality and impact.

    We support local language radio stations to reach farmers and communities listening to the radio with the necessary agricultural skills and practices. This is particularly valuable as the number of people requiring extension services often far exceeds the number of extension officers in designated areas. Radio significantly reaches more farmers with information that will help in adopting climate change information and alternative technologies for transforming their livelihoods. 

    KiMI collaborates with the Ministry of Agriculture Livestock and Fisheries at the national and county levels. KiMI also serves as vice chair of the Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services-Kenya (KEFAAS), a forum that brings together stakeholders for robust agricultural extension and advisory services in Kenya.  

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