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Hughes Network Systems LLC

Hughes is the world’s leading provider of satellite broadband, delivering innovative network technologies, managed services, and solutions for enterprises and governments globally.

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Hughes is the world’s leading provider of satellite broadband for home and office, delivering innovative network technologies, managed services, and solutions for enterprises and governments globally. HughesNet® is the #1 high-speed satellite Internet service in the marketplace, with over 930,000 HughesNet subscribers as of Q2 2014 in North America, and offerings to suit every budget. To date, Hughes has manufactured and shipped more than 4 million terminals to customers in over 100 countries, and has consistently maintained a global market share of over 50 percent. Its products employ global standards approved by the TIA, ETSI and ITU organizations, including IPoS/DVB-S2, RSM-A, and GMR-1.

Hughes owns and operates service businesses throughout the United States, Europe, India, and Brazil delivering continent-wide broadband satellite connectivity along with an ever growing range of fully managed solutions and applications to major enterprise customers in virtually every vertical sector, including many of the Fortune 1000.

The Word Across Campus

In almost every aspect of life today, technology innovations are changing the way people communicate. Nowhere is that more evident than on college and university campuses where bulletin boards, fliers, and public announcement systems have long given way to texting, video, and social media.

According to Rajiv Shenoy, CEO of OrcaTV, the key to commu- nicating on campus is dynamic content delivered at a place and in a way that appeals to students. That’s what Shenoy’s media technology company, OrcaTV, is all about—working on behalf of U.S. colleges and universities from New Hampshire to California to bring the best of today’s technology to enhance student life on campus.

The Philadelphia-based media firm designs and delivers Campus Life Feeds to colleges and universities, helping take
the complexity out of engaging students on campus while creating a fun and easy platform for students to engage with each other. Combining university-approved social media with user-created rich videos and media, the OrcaTV team works closely with administrators to design a feed specific to each university, and circulates it across a variety of media, including digital signage networks, cable TV, and the Web.

Putting the Content Where the Students Are

For its digital signage network, OrcaTV turned to Hughes MediaSignageTM, a robust digital signage platform that provides a dynamic, scalable, and reliable infrastructure for delivering messages to internal and external target audiences. Part of the suite of HughesON Digital MediaTM Solutions, Hughes MediaSignage enables OrcaTV to employ a series of on-campus screens and players populated with video, text, and graphics, customized to specific locations where students congregate, such as dining halls, residence halls, gyms, and student union buildings.

Broccoli and Cake

Shenoy, who conceived the idea when he was a student at Johns Hopkins Univer- sity, likes to explain the OrcaTV concept through a broccoli and cake analogy. “It helps to think of administrative-level content as broccoli and student-conceived videos as cake,” said Shenoy. “In the early days of digital signage on campus, screens were typically populated with endless slides of administrative content—what we call broccoli—necessary, but not very compelling. At the same time, students were creating cool and innovative videos— what we call cake—that grabbed the atten- tion of students. When we starting putting this ‘cake’ on the screens, students were quickly engaged and started to ‘eat more
broccoli’ as well.”

The OrcaTV team works with the campus community to identify compelling content, pulling in social media that is approved by the university and designing the content in a way that appeals to students. After it is curated, the approved content is circulated across multiple technologies, including digital signage, cable TV, and university Web sites.

Emergency Alerts

Because every second counts in an emergency, the Campus Life Feed has a built-in program that instantly broadcasts an
alert over every screen campus-wide when there is an emergency or problem. The key here is that students are already trained to look at the screens for up-to- the-minute information. The MediaS- ignage alert system is also integrated with the university’s texting solution, so that emergency notifications sent out via text message are immediately displayed on the digital screens as well.

The Hughes/OrcaTV Partnership

“University campuses are brimming with student creativity and voices eager to be heard,” said Tony Bardo, assistant vice president of the Hughes Government Solu- tions Group. “OrcaTV’s Campus Life Feed with Hughes MediaSignage is a powerful way to tap into that creativity and enable students to connect with each other.”

“An important part of what we do is to help administrators create more engaging ‘broccoli’ to tie into the student culture of today and help students to make their voices heard,” added Shenoy.

“At the end of the day our main goal is to improve the quality of student life on campus, and leveraging Hughes MediaSignage is an important tool that helps to achieve that.”

Indeed, the Orca Campus Life Feed with Hughes MediaSignage is a perfect example of how to foster a sense of community and a positive student life experience through innovative technology.