Emergency Manager’s Weekly Report

The Emergency Manager’s Weekly Report began in 2000 with our founder sending out news articles on disasters to a few colleagues and friends. It has since grown and reaches thousands of professionals around the world. The premise of this publication is simply that by sharing information among various disciplines and countries we can help make our world a better place for all humanity.

    The social media sites are updated daily with news and information from around the world. Typically the news and resources that is posted have a broad appeal and interest, examples include:

    • New technology, programs or initiatives
    • Short-lived incidents that have national and/or international impacts
    • Upcoming webinars, training, exercises and conferences

    Weekly Edition
    This free publication is distributed weekly on our website to over 20,000 professionals around the world. This publication contains news and resources on the following topics:

    • Emergency Management
    • Homeland Security
    • National & Global Security
    • International Affairs
    • Campus Safety and Security
    • Access & Functional Needs
    • Natural and Technological Hazards
    • Humanitarian Affairs
    • International Development
    • Civil Protection & Preparedness
    • Climate Change/Global Warming Impacts
    • Public Health

    Major Incident Situation Reports

    We regularly create and share situation reports on large-scale incidents and disasters all over the world. Some of the incidents that we produced reports on include:

    • Boston Bombing Terrorist Attack
    • Zika Virus Outbreak
    • Paris Terrorist Attack
    • Ebola Pandemic
    • Tropical Cyclone Winston (Fiji)
    • Brussels Terrorist Attack

    These reports are compiled by our staff and contain information from government, private sector and non-profit organizations.

    We weekly contribute articles and resources to the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) E-Newsletter (IAEM Dispatch). This publication is free and available at: http://www.iaemdispatch.com

    If you would like to know more about us visit our website at: https://sites.google.com/site/emergencymanagersweeklyreport/home

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