The company serves a variety of national and international clients, both in the public and private sectors, including customers such as the Italian Ministry of Agriculture (through AGEA/SIN) for the management of the Common Agricultural Policy in Italy, the Italian Ministry of the Environment for the interferometric processing of SAR data over all the national territory, major international oil & gas companies (ENI, Shell, Total) and railroads (RFI, NIIAS).

    e-GEOS, an ASI (20%) / Telespazio (80%) company, is a leading international player in the Earth Observation and Geo-Spatial Information business. e-GEOS offers unique portfolio of application services thanks to the superior monitoring capabilities of COSMO-SkyMed constellation and provides, environmental monitoring, rush mapping in support to natural disaster management, specialized products for defence and intelligence, maritime surveillance, interferometric products for landslide and ground subsidence analysis, thematic mapping for agriculture and forestry. e-GEOS operates the Matera Space Centre for acquisition, archiving and processing of multi-mission satellite data.

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