Butyl Products

Butyl Products
Butyl Products Ltd. manufactures Water & Sanitation Equipment used by International Aid Agencies worldwide.

We provide a full range of Emergency Water Storage & Distribution Equipment and can also offer assistance with System Design. We can supply individual items or complete systems as required.

All our products are supplied with instruction manuals, tools and spares as necessary.

We manufacture and supply a full range of Emergency Sanitation Equipment including latrines, squatting plates, disinfection and vector control chemicals with sprayers plus a range of hand tools and digging equipment.

Fuel bladders and fuel handling systems are also manufactured for remote location use.

  • Emergency Aid Equipment

    Emergency Aid Equipment

    Emergency Water Storage & Distribution Equipment »

    We design and manufacture water storage and distribution equipment/systems for emergency aid and development. We work within WHO guidelines to deliver systems as kits, using low technology and economical materials, taking into consideration every detail from the condition of the water source and treatment options, through to the jerrycan or bucket for clean water collection. The equipment includes a full range of specialist tanks, pumps and chemicals.

    Emergency Sanitation Systems & Hygiene Equipment »»

    We have a full range of products to provide complete camp sanitation systems or small group sanitation kits. The equipment includes latrines, cleaning chemicals, vector control equipment, safety clothing and personal hygiene items.

  • Temporary Camp Services

    Temporary Camp Services

    Temporary Mining, Construction & Peacekeeping Camps »»

    Field office personnel, remote locations, short-term site teams. There are many occasions when organisations set up temporary personnel camps and these have similar requirements to refugee camps for displaced people. Butyl Products Ltd specialise in designing water storage and distribution systems for these situations. Our systems cover the requirements of drinking water, kitchens, toilet blocks, showers, vehicle cleaning and sewage disposal. We supply equipment in kit form with full building instructions. We provide every component needed to treat, store, pump and distribute water.

  • Water Storage Tanks & Bespoke Products

    Water Storage Tanks & Bespoke Products

    Water, Oil & Chemical Storage Tanks »»

    Industry, agriculture and the construction industry all have different needs for the containment of liquid. Our range of tanks meet most liquid storage needs.

    Bespoke Rubber and Plastic Components & Fabrication »»

    We work closely with companies to design products for their particular needs. We have made inflatable targets for the military, prototype lifeboats, pressure bladders, and cellar bags for wine cellars, to name but a few specialised rubber and plastic products.If you have a rubber or plastic fabricated item within your product or equipment we could produce it for you.

  • Geomembrane Liners

    Geomembrane Liners

    Geomembrane Liners & Lining »»

    Butyl Products Ltd started this industry. ‘Butyl rubber’ was the first geomembrane used in the UK.

    As new materials have become available Butyl Products has been instrumental in developing suitable welding systems for each and establishing it’s area of use based on it’s chemical resistances and mechanical properties. We are not connected to any material manufacturers, so our recommendations for materials and design solutions are unbiased. Typical applications include lakes, reservoirs, lagoons, rivers and canals. We supply containment and secondary containment liners for the petrochemical industries. We provide a full project management service including design, specification, manufacture and installation.

  • Butyl Pond Liners

    Butyl Pond Liners

    Butyl Pond Liner Design & Installation Services »»

    Domestic Ponds: Our professional team will help to ensure that you get the correct size liner for your pond and talk through your plans for installation. The online information in this section gives details on everything you need to know to size your liner and install it correctly. We provide a step-by-step design, estimating and self-installation guide with an online shop.

    Landscapers: More complex and larger water features may require on site welding of the liner and interfaces with other structures agreed at the design stage. We work with landscape designers to supply the right lining solution including supply and on-site installation.

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