ARPA Equipos Moviles de Campaña

    ARPA Equipos Moviles de Campaña is a family business with 50 years of history. The company was founded by Don Antonio Arpa Romero in 1968 with the clear vocation to improve the feeding conditions of the Spanish Armed Forces in their field deployments.

    The activity had been differentiated from the beginning in two operational areas, the military and civilian markets. Although the constructive characteristics of the product range that was evolving did not differ substantially in either case, the product should always be adapted according to some customer requirements: area of ​​operations, environmental conditions, specific legislation, special quality requirements, etc. ARPA developed a wide range of logistics equipment to meet different needs and different types of supports, trailers, logistics containers, mobile units, aerial platforms, tents, hangars, etc.

    ARPA has specialized over the years in the design, development, manufacture, deployment and maintenance of logistics solutions. At present, it deploys its capacities in the following sectors: Energy, WASH, Housing, Waste, Logistics, Food, Agriculture, Health and Telecommunications. These solutions also help organizations whose mission is humanitarian aid and support to the population after an emergency or catastrophe.

    2017 has been a great year for ARPA since it has been awarded with 4 prizes. Export Award by the Chamber of Commerce, Internationalization Award by the Exporters and Investors Club, ADEA Award for Foreign Promotion and the ARAME Award for Business Excellence and Development to the internationalization for Clara Arpa. 50 years of experience in the sector

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