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AIDF’s mission is to support the drive towards positive outcomes in the future through the provision of a leading platform for collaboration between stakeholders

With a history spanning over 13 years, including successful events in Asia, Africa, North America and Europe, AIDF brings together a large number of key practitioners and is met with widespread support. The AIDF events highlight a need for ongoing networking, targeted dialogue and an exploration of strategic alliances on a more intimate level and are organised to attract the world’s attention through forming an exclusive platform of global expertise and cross-sector engagement.

AIDF events are for the individuals who want to get involved to make a difference, to join the debate and be the change that they wish to see. Whichever part of the industry you’re in, you’ll find you’re in the right place to meet more key leaders than you ever thought possible such as: Government ministers, UN members, NGO representatives and delegates from private sector companies working on aid, sustainability and development.


Datuk Loo Took Gee, Secretary General, Ministry of Energy, Green Technology & Water, Malaysia

“I’m pleased to note that this Summit of international repute that has brought a wide area of experts and policy makers from around the world has been tailored to the needs of developing countries and I hope that the Summit will benefit Malaysia and the rest of Asia” 

Rosa Malango, Chief of External Relationships & Partnerships, UN OCHA

”AIDF has allowed me to build a very diverse level of partnerships with big organisations who are interested in humanitarian affairs as well as small entrepreneurs”

Vinod Thomas, Director General of Independent Evaluation, Asian Development Bank

‘‘One thing that strikes me more than anything is that this is a platform for practitioners to come together and exchange their information, just as much as at the formal seminars and discussions as well as meeting during breaks and exchanging cards. I seldom see this degree of interaction amongst participants and this will serve them well because different people, from different countries and different parts of the region are working on similar areas and … could be great investment. I’m very heartened by the emerging success of this event.’’

Dr. Sharad Sapra, Director of the Global Innovation Centre, UNICEF

‘‘I think it is a very interesting forum where academia, government representatives, private sector, international organisations and the development community all together to have a dialog and present different perspectives, because when different perspectives come together everybody learns and improves. So I think it is a great platform.’’

Davith Nong, World Vision Cambodia

“It was very useful to know/learn new innovative technologies. I will share them within my projects.”




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