TURMAKS Mobile Healthcare Solutions - Case Examples

TURMAKS Mobile Healthcare Solutions - Case Examples

TURMAKS offers types of products for various types of applications in terms of client needs, use, climatic and/or geographic conditions, with a custom-design manufacturing, according to requirements specifies by those elemenst, as well. In order to exemplify TURMAKS product range, given are some cases that characterize TURMAKS solutions. 

TURMAKS delivered two (2) Level-ll Mobile Field Hospitals to Azerbaijan Ministry of Defence, with an element of "mobility" as Ministry's core requirement, was taken into consideration. Thus, a special design has been made for Level-ll Hospitals which concentrated on surgical capabilities for war-time injuries, as the hospitals should be deployed into location of use, whithin a day and should be re-deployed to different location, within days, as front-line for the military may change. 

Another case was TURMAKS' VVIP Emergency Clinic, which was ordered by a VVIP client for a resort-island in Repubilc of Maldives in middle of the Indian Ocean. TURMAKS designed-manufactured-transported-deployed in total 21-days, from Turkey to Republic of Maldives. After one month of operation, VVIP Emergency Clinic has been re-deployed all the way from Maldives to North Africa, with new medical expansions that transformed clinic into a whole medical facility which has been operating since then.

Most of TURMAKS' hospitals have been under United Nations' use in Africa. As a case for "logistics and transport", TURMAKS delivered a Level-ll Hospitals & Staff Camp to Central Republic of Africa, by the Rwanda Ministry of Defence's order. The hospital was transported from Turkey to Cameroon by sea and from  Cameroon to Central Republic of Aftrica by land transportation. Hospital has been operating since then which deemed to be one of the best UN Level-ll Field Hospitals.

TURMAKS products also have been used for contemporary humanitarian crises. TURMAKS One-Plus-One systems (1 inflatable tent +1 expandable shelter unit) have been operating for Syrian refugees in Turkish border for past 2 years, as medical clinics.

TURMAKS products, regardless of location, application or capacity, present turn-key, self-sufficilent, affordable, tailor-made healthcare solutions with alternative transport/transfer capabilities, with an emphasis on mobility, modularity, durability. 

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