Africa Industrialization Day 2015

Africa Industrialization Day 2015

"Africa needs to invest in training and education for women and youth to industrialize, grow the private sector and achieve sustainable development.”
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
Message for the International Day for Africa Industrialization

Almost 600 million people Africa are living without stable or affordable sources of energy, and still rely on some of the most basic technologies for subsistence living. Africa’s Industrialization Day on November 20th (with events happening from the 20th to 23rd) will highlight the development needs facing Africa and what opportunities need to be harnessed to secure a sustainable future for the continent.

There are new questions over allocation of resources as well as social, cultural and environmental challenges alongside the rapid change and urbanization being seen in Africa. The day is intended to attempt to answer these questions and to strengthen the global commitment of development and industrialization in Africa.

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) is hosting a conference day on the 23rd November in Vienna to celebrate this day and promote Africa’s industrial development bringing together representations from NGOs, private sectors, diplomatic corps and other stakeholders. This year’s theme is “SMEs for poverty eradication and job creation for women and youth”.

Africa’s industrialisation day is an important event to continue the discussion over Africa’s future and finding positive and sustainable development options for the African population. This will also be highlighted in AIDF’s Africa Summit 2016 which will bring together different stakeholders to discuss aid delivery and development strategy in Sub-Saharan Africa using technological innovations. To find out more of the event being held at the UNCC in Addis Ababa this February, visit:

To find out more or join the discussion on Africa Industrialization day visit

To follow the UNIDO’s event on the 23rd November in celebration of Africa Industrialization day go here 

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