‘Uniting the Nations’ Day

‘Uniting the Nations’ Day

Every year on the 24th October, the humanitarian and development community marks the anniversary of the United Nations charter entering into force in 1945. The day is used to celebrate and show homage to the work of the organisation and also highlight their plans for the future. The worldwide multipurpose organisation houses important objectives such as; helping to solve international, economic, social, cultural and humanitarian problems. It also works to maintain peace and security and promotes human rights.

In his message ahead of United Nations Day, Secretary-General António Guterres says “We have to transcend our differences to transform our future,”

History behind the Organisation…

The United Nations is an intergovernmental organisation which is determined to bridge the gap between governments all over the world. Originally the UN’s first aim was to prevent another World War II from occurring and emphasise World Peace. However since then it has branched out to cover many areas such as protecting human rights, providing aid in case of famine and also natural disaster. The body of organisation is broken down into six main organs: the General Assembly, the Economic and Social Council, the International Court of Justice, the Security Council (which decides resolution for peace and security), the Secretariat (which provides information and studies for the UN) and the UN Trusteeship Council (which is now inactive). In order in order to help achieve and further the organisations goals and operations, the members of states all contribute to the finances.

How the Day is celebrated?

The day can be celebrated by simply finding out about the organisation and the great work that has been done. Many rights for people around the world have been put in place by the United Nations.  Celebrations are held globally and the activities will differ. This year the main event will be based at the UN headquarters in New York, please find details of the event here. A concert will be hosted along with an awards ceremony and key speeches. The concert will place emphasis on the theme of “Potential in Diversity” and is sponsored by the Slovakia Republic.

The theme changes each year and other than concerts, in the past, global landmarks have been lit up around the world to reaffirm a commitment to a brighter future. In 2015, dedicated to the UN’s 70th anniversary, renowned artist Cristobal Gabarron created an interactive sculpture titled "Enlightened Universe". The sculpture is interactive and is a sphere surrounded 70 figures, to remind those that view it of the 70 years the organisation has helped to unify the world.

Learn more about the United Nation here

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