Top 50 Organisations to Follow on Twitter

Top 50 Organisations to Follow on Twitter

  Welcome to the list of ‘Who to Follow on Twitter for Food Security’. This list consists of the most active organisations and experts in food security, agriculture and nutrition on Twitter. It aims to raise awareness online and to pay attention to the current issues and information about food security, agriculture and nutrition. It benefits people by building the network with some professional and influential twitter accounts. 

Join in on the conversation with #AIDFwhotofollow #AIDFfoodsecurity and follow all of those who work in the agriculture and nutrition area.

If you find more interesting accounts, please share them with us.


  Food Security

  1. AIDF @FollowAIDF

  2. IRRI @RiceResearch

  3. IOM Asia-Pacific @IOMasiapacific

  4. Concern Worldwide @Concern

  5. UN Development @UNDP

  6. UN Environment @UNEP

  7. World Food Programme @WFP

  8. IFPRI @ifpri

  9. FoodStandards Agency @foodgov

  10. KPMG Thailand @KPMG_TH

  11. CGIAR Consortium @CGIAR

  12. World Bank Asia @WorldBankAsia

  13. Global Food Security @FoodSecurityUK

  14. FrieslandCampina @FrieslandCampina

  15. Aidmatrix Foundation @Aidmatrix

  16. Glanbia Agribusiness @GlanbiaAgri

  17. CSIS Food Security @CSISFood


  18. The World Food Prize @WorldFoodPrize



  19. World Agroforestry Centre @ICRAF

  20. Monsanto Company @MonsantoCo

  21. Syngenta @Syngenta

  22. Yara International @Yara

  23. CIAT @CIAT

  24. FAO Forestry @FAO Forestry

  25. Agriculture 4 Impact @Ag4Impact

  26. Farming First @Farmingfirst

  27. AgriCultures Network @agriculturesnet

  28. EcoAgriculture @EcoAgPartners

  29. CropLife Asia @CropLifeAsia

  30. FMC Food Ingredients @FMC_Food

  31. DuPont News @DuPont_News

  32. AgriCultures Network @agriculturesnet



33. DSM Company @DSM

  34. Gain @GAINalliance

  35. Nutriset @Nutriset_France

  36. Piramal Group @PiramalGroup

  37. Fitness & Nutrition @FITNESS

  38. Sanku Fortification @Sanku_USA


  Media and News

  39. The Sustainability Consortium @TSC_News

  40. Thailand Business News @ThailandBizNews

  41. Oryza @oryzanews

  42. Guardian Environment @guardianeco

  43. Agra Europe @Agra_Europe

  44. IRIN News @irinnews

  45. Market Publishers @Market_Reports



  46. AsianNGO @AsianNGO

  47. Agropages @AgroPages_Info

  48. Biospectrum Asia @BioSpectrmAsia

  49. Berita Satu Media @BeritaSatu

  50. EU Food Law @EUFoodLaw


  Key People in Industries

  Prof Chris Elliott @QUBFoodProf

  Gunhild A Stordalen @G_stordalen

  Vinod Thomas @vthomas14

  James Williams @HedgeWeekJames

  Radwan Chowdhury @RadwanChowdhury

  Bruno Kistner @KistnerBruno

  Guy Poppy @GuyPoppy1

  NGOUAMBE Nestor @ngouambe1

  Eric Darier @EDarier

  Gerdien Meijerink @Meyerink

  Jose Luis Vivero Pol @JoseLViveroPol



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